Chapter 7 - VerityMature

If walking through dense forest and over bracken taught me anything, it was to appreciate the natural beauty of the sky. As Daisy and I emerged from the trees, the sky was red, like blood, or rubies. The sun hung low in the sky, dragging the warm daylight away with him to his palace beyond the horizon, Soon, I knew the moon would take her post in the dark sky and illuminate it with a cold phosphorescence. The open land also alerted me to the fact that we had reached a lonely structure, a dark-bricked building with small dark windows and tattered material that I presumed had once been part of a curtain. The coal coloured slate which made up the roof had crumbled a little, presumably with age. The door, brown and splintering, banged a little in the gentle breeze.

I felt a part of me recoil at the building, afraid of what lay within. Yet, I knew that if I was going to find Alex, I would have to face whatever appeared before me. Daisy took a few steps and turned to face me.

"What are you waiting for, Verity? Let's go inside!" I obeyed the excited inflect of her voice and opened the door. A musky, powerful scent hit my nostrils, a scent which reminded me of wet dog. As my feet crossed the creaking floor, I noticed a flight of stairs descending into a basement. Taking a deep breath, I crept down the stairs, Daisy close behind me, and went to open the door at the bottom. As my hand brushed the handle. I heard a creak behind me. I turned to see a figure spring from the shadows and knock Daisy to the ground. Frozen to the spot, I began to breathe heavily. I heard muffled footsteps behind the door. It opened and three more figures burst out. Eventually able to move, I pulled Daisy up from the floor. She stood steadily. In a sudden burst of courage and desperation, I barged through the crowd in front of the door and flung it open. A strange figure, with hair like autumn and eyes like emeralds stood next to a large cage. Looking inside, I gasped.

For inside the cage, was Alex.

"Let him go!" I shrieked, unable to comprehend why anyone would lock Alex in a cage. Alex never hurt anyone. My plea was returned with a dark laugh.

"Now, why would I do that, Miss Moon? I've only just got him!"

"What are you going to do to him?" Daisy asked. The strange figure's emerald eyes twinkled as he peered out of the window.

The moon removed her clouded veil. Alex, Daisy and I screamed from the depths of our souls as a terrible pain ripped through us. Those emerald eyes only continued to twinkle.

In the twinkling of an eye... we shall be changed.

The End

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