Chapter six-AlexMature

Well the door certainly wasn’t budging anytime soon. My ankle throbbed after hours of kicking the metal bars…it was useless. I wanted to sit and think about my options, but I was too restless. I didn’t know what time it was. The pack members didn’t show their faces and I heard nothing from the girls. I was trapped. Playing into someone else game.

A few hours later the stair door opened as I leant against the metal bars of the cage. The blonde boy came down the stairs smirked at me then looked back up the stairs, the others followed down.

“Alex how are we doing?” The leader well…I was guessing the alpha came over to the cage.

“You’re seriously asking me this?”

“Come on Alex lighten up a little.” Raquel smiled. Raquel had long autumn hair, deep green eyes and pale skin.

“Who are you and what have you done to me?” I looked round the room, the other three two men and a woman kept to the shadows. There was a noise from upstairs making the alpha glance at one in the shadows he nodded and went off up the stairs.

“My name is Nathan, that’s Lucas.” The blonde guy nodded. “Other three are Baily, Kate and Slay.” The two in the shadows stepped forward. “And this is Raquel.”

“And what is it you’re planning in doing?” My voice was low and I gripped the bars.

He opened his mouth but a loud crash from upstairs cut him off. “Kate, Slay go and see Baily with them.” I blinked and they were gone. “Looks like you won’t be alone anymore Alex.”


The End

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