Chapter Five: DaisyMature

My ankle burned, but I didn't tell Verity. She was such a worrier. Besides, I already knew that she could read my face like a book. We made steady progress through the forest and I watched the sun rise higher in the sky. It felt nice on my skin and I closed my eyes to enjoy it,  causing me to stumble over a root. Pain shot up my leg.

"Daisy!" Verity shouted worriedly.

"Sorry, Very! I was just enjoying the sun!"

"The sun?"

"Yes! It is such a nice day!"

"A nice day? Daisy, we were attacked by wolves! Alex is missing! He could be anywhere! He could even be..." She couldn't bring herself to say the words.

I put my hand on her shoulder. "Don't be so pessimistic, Very! Hey, I know how to cheer you up!" I began humming a song. Verity scowled.

"Daisy, this is serious. We could... Hey look! A cabin!" She pointed at the log building in the distance. There was a curlicue of smoke rising from the chimney.

"Maybe we could get help there!" I nodded and we both began to make our way towards it.

The End

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