Chapter 4 - VerityMature

With the realisation of Alex's disappearing came a burden of fear which weighed heavily on my heart. It filled my lungs, causing my breathing to become laboured. It felt almost liquid in my throat, coating my tongue, causing me to feel worried and ill in the pit of my stomach. I looked at Daisy, apprehension written across my face and filling my eyes. I managed to speak.

"Daisy... I'm scared..."

"Verity?" she responded, half-begging, leaning against the tree behind her and attempting to stand up. I stood by her and helped her stand, draping her arm over my shoulders and encouraging her gently to put a little weight on her ankles. She gasped in pain at first, then gritted her teeth in an attempt to numb it. Eventually, she was able to stand up without my help. The burden lifted a little when I saw that Daisy's strength had improved. I felt into my pocket for my phone and found it, cold and lifeless. Calling Alex was out of the question. I sat down and placed my head into my hands, trying desperately to overcome the burden of fear that consumed me, attempting to think of a way to find Alex. I looked down again at the marks that cut into my legs and whimpered. I thought back to the previous night and remembered the frantic telephone call to the emergency services. I had blacked out before I could give them our location, and presumed that they were now tracing the location of the SIM card. I flipped my phone over and found the casing shattered. The SIM card tumbled out in pieces. I felt hot tears coating my cheeks as I despaired. Daisy came and knelt by me, comforting me.

"Verity, we will get through this. If the emergency services can't help us, we'll help ourselves. We will find Alex."

"But, Daisy, your ankle..."

"Is fine at the moment, I can walk. Finding Alex is more important."

"Yes, you're right, I just don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I understand. Thank you, Verity, we should go now. The sooner we leave this place, the sooner we'll find Alex. And who knows, maybe he's looking for us. We're bound to run into each other." I nodded, before reaching into my backpack for my dwindling food rations, and dividing a cereal bar between us. Feeling a little stronger, now able to cope a little better with my fears, we left the clearing, searching the forest for our dearest friend. I hope he's alright. Feeling the sun beating down on us, I remembered an old adage. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing is over until it's better - if it isn't better, it isn't over.

The End

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