Heavy thumping on the ground close to where I lay bleeding into the earth. And as if things couldn’t get any worse they did. I moved trying to reach out and grab the tree branch, but my eyes were burly in the darkness and I was weak. Just as I crawled over to the branch the heavy thumping stop.

“Take him down; he’ll come in use as will the others.” The voice was deep and next thing I was pushed over by something hot and heavy. My eyes stared up at the night sky and new hot white pain creased down my right shoulder, my chest ripping my skin.



 Little light shone in the tiny room where I lay on my bare back. My bluely grey eyes noted the metal bars over my head and turning my tousled brown head conformed my dreaded thoughts. I was in a cage. I sat up feeling my head spin, looking down I gasped seeing three long jagged claw marks from my right shoulder going in a diagonal line. Quickly I rolled up my blood socked blue jeans and saw two deep holes in my ankle. Standing up was hard and my breathing was heavy once I managed it.

I was in a basement.

No one knew where I was, my dad didn’t even know I was camping this weekend.

Verity. Daisy. Where were they? I looked round the basement trying to see anybody lying on the floor. Nothing. This was all my fault. They hurt because of me. They could be dead because of me.

No. I wasn’t going to accept that. They were out there somewhere, like me trying to figure what the hell was going on.

My head snapped up to the door, someone was coming and the door opened letting a golden beam of light pour into the darkness. I guess that I was going to find out now.

It was more than one person. Five of them crowed around the cage where I stood, tense and fists clench. A pack of wolves with a hungry look in their eye.

“Dam Raquel, remind me not to get too close to your claws girl.” The guy with the blonde hair says studying my clawed chest. The girl smiled inspecting her nails.

“Could have been worse.”

“Indeed my sweet.” I recognised his voice, as he stepped forward running his finger overRaquelcheek. “Alexander or would you prefer Alex?”

I glared into his dark eyes, taking in his tall muscle body and jet black hair. “Let me go.”

He chuckled and looked at the watch on his wrist. “Oh I will boy, believe me I will.”    

“Where are my friends?”

He only smiled turning away as the others followed I shouted.

“What are you going to do!?”

The girl Raquel came back to the cage leaning in, “You and your little friends will find out tonight.” And with that she was gone.

The End

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