Chapter Two: DaisyMature

I opened my eyes and looked around. There were leaves entangled in my hair, but I felt too tired to brush them out.

"Very? Alex? Where are you?" I said, sitting up. My legs hurt, especially my ankle. When I looked down I was surprised to see blood coating my legs.

"Hmm, it is a good thing I am AB negative. I am going to need a lot of blood transfusions." I saw Verity leaning on a tree, her face pale.

"Very, are you okay?"

She looked at me, a faint smile on her face. "Daisy, I am so glad you're alive."

"It's you I am worried about." I slowly rose to my feet, twisted in a circle, and collapsed on the ground. My ankle throbbed and the leaves were tickling my nose.


"Don't worry. It is just my ankle." I suddenly remembered.

"Alex. Where is Alex?"

"I don't know, Daisy. He wasn't here when I woke up.

I grew worried. Where could he be?

The End

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