Chapter One - VerityMature

The first thing that I was aware of was the fading darkness of the skies - the velvet mantle had been dyed with gold and red as the sun appeared from the doors of his palace. The second thing that became known to me was the scent of dried blood as it pummeled my nostrils. I looked down at my legs, taking in the sight of the two most prominent holes, so wide that they looked as though they had been drilled. The third thing - I could not remember how it had come to pass. The last I remembered of the previous night was screaming into the darkness. I felt incredibly tired. I sat up slowly and gently, propping myself up upon my hands and taking a deep breath. The tiredness disappeared, replaced by a fresh new energy, renewing me from within. Then, I was faced with a new challenge; standing up. I began by folding my legs, bringing my knees up to my chest. This was accompanied by a low humming pain in my lower leg where the strange holes burnt. I moved my hands towards the tree behind me, using them to prop me against the bark, before pushing myself up and feeling my legs as part of my body once more. Feeling a little better, I scanned my surroundings.

The good feelings vanished.

Beside me Daisy lay, her legs coated in blood.

And Alex was nowhere to be seen.

The End

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