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Adder rested in his room, eyes shut, he could detect the heartbeats of everyone in the house. Scott, Demrin, Calla...It was all so fragile, he thought with a surge of anger that slowly died away. He wanted to do something to ease Calla's pain, to reason with Demrins anger... How come everybody.. all those humans were so terribly bound by thir emotions. He knew he wasn't one to complain but as of late he'd been distancing himself from humanities frailties.

He needed to prepare himself for battle. Taking another deep breath he moved to the middle of the floor, tracing a symbol on the floor that Everette long ago taught him. It was something that was only supposed to be used in an emergency but the dark feeling building within him said that he needed to do this. Calla was pregnant, he wanted her to live. Demrin...while he couldn't call the man a friend he was still someone important to Calla. Then Ana and Jester...the lost little lovebirds. They all needed to survive the battle with the evil when It ultimately reached their door.  

The vampire held out his wrist and drug a claw across the veins watching as the blood pooled and poured onto the floor, filling the inner confines of the symbol. He then licked the wound closed and prayed that no one walked in while he did this, he had to go and plead with the Blood Council. With Everettes sire, and ultimately his grand-sire, the vampire while he may be brooding and spiteful towards him, he was the only supernatural that could tell him the evils weakness or at least help him to speculate.

"Im sorry Calla," he whispered and tugged a lighter from his pocket, the candels now set around the circle being individually lit. The whispy red-ish black smoke filled the air and filled his lungs, Adder stifled his coughs after taking in the acrid. His lips murmuring very old words...latin, greek...perhaps a few other languages mixed in.  That's when he heard the door open and would have cursed aloud but the incantation was finished and the room fell away around him into blackness.

Whoever was unlucky enough to walk in on him was now with him, he could smell the tang of their blood and groaned. The scenery suddenly crashed into his view and he stumbled on his feet, managing to catch himself on the wall. His world was spinning as another body thumped on the ground next to him. Where were they? Oh right the Blood Councils place, for a bunch of ancient vampires you'd think they'd live in a cave around a fire acting all tribal and spooky but (like adder) they had addapted.

They all lived in a large spacious mansion overlooking the medieraninan sea, settled on the boot shaped peninsula of Italy. It was a very modern place that indulged in the arts and opulence that hundreds of years of money could give.

"Where the hell..." the voice next to him growled as the man found his feet and looked around, if a bit wobbly.

"Nice to see you to Scott," Adder said with distaste in his voice. The necromancer looked up and blinked away his daze, both fear and anger flashing behind his eyes. Scott, his old friend, old mentor... a man who was once the vampires only family but that trust was broken when he had marked Adder. When he was consumed with hatred and lust for Calla, stealing her away as his little princess to lock up and throw away the key.

"I was just coming to ask you what Calla and Demrin were having a spat about and I see you performing some ritual. And they say I'm the one who practices the dark arts." He said a bit of triumph knowing that the vampire wasnt as good as he made himself out to be.

"It was an emergency, I'm sure you felt it. Something in the air that knotted and twisted your guts around with trepidation." His crimson eyes flicked to Scott, suddenly burning with hunger as he remembered he hadn't eaten in quite some time. Scott scowled as the vampire felt his fangs ache and saliva start to drip into his mouth.

"Pick another body Vampire," Scott said stalking off in some random direction but before he could get more than five feet forward another appeared before him and smiled, sending Scott backpeddaling next to Adder. Nicholai chuckled at Scott and turned his ancient gaze to adder, though the man looked no older than his mid-20's. He was wearing relaxed casual wear for the area, a black polo, dress pants, no shoes because they seemed to be in the buildings lounge.

"No call?" Nicholai asked to Adder tilting his head, the other vampire snorted.

"You said we'd be in touch."

"And we are now," the older one said suddenly appearing next to Adder, Scott flinched but managed to contain his surprise. "Come now Adder, you could become a member of our order. You've seen the world over more than many of those here. Endured so much and even now you bear a child... ot at least, the rumor is that its your child. Quite a resume for someone who's dead." Adder growled, no liking Nicholai's arm around his shoulder.

Scott cleared his throat and the vampires looked to him as if they'd forgotten he was there.

"Listen, I don't know what the hell you two have going on between you but I'd like to get back to the house. I wasn't mean to be here." Nicholai laughed and Adder actually managed a smirk at that.

"Oh no my little Necromancer, you are here for a very good reason." Nicholai flashed his fangs and Scott narrowed his eyes. "This man really raised you Adder? When Everette oh so carelessly left you?" Adder nodded.

"For what little time I spent with him yes." The elder nodded.

"And you Scott are the one who oh so foolishly let 'The evil' loose?" Scotts brow twitched, enough of a clue to say the answer was yes. Nicholai walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a large wine bottle, the label old and cracked, the paper yellowing. "An old favorite of mine... A bottle of Goddess Sanguine." he said with a smile and popped the cork.

Adder felt his fangs poking his lips and his eyes grow fully crimson. "Starving yourself just cause you have a lover is not a kind decision Adder." He said holding out the bottle, Adder appeared next to him and snatched it up guzzling the blood inside which some how was still so fresh and warm.

While Adder was hungrily occupied, Nicholai lead Scott away and stood next to the window, watching the water bashing away at the rock face below.

"Scott, you and Calla are the lynch pin," his voice was low as he spoke. Voice with grave distance and gravity. Like the entire word depended on what he had to say. "Your magics along with Demrins will be able to hold the monster along with the rest of your gang. And Calla," the vampire sighed. "She's a strong succubuss, terribly repentant for the sins she has commited in the life she has lived. I will say this the fight, she will have to sacrifice herself to destroy Katrina." Scott opened his mouth to protest but a look from Nicholai stopped him cold.

"As for the baby's fate I am uncertain but I have lived on this earth long enough to know that these things will come to pass. Please for both Demrin and Adder's sakes, do not tell them what I have entrusted you with. This is my gift to help you all win the battle, but I will not intervene. I know better, and am smart enough to leave well enough alone. When the time comes you will know what must be done." Scott frowned and looked to the vampire, no longer afraid. The man seemed worn by age, eternally tired yet unable to escape what held him.

"I will," Scott said looking to Adder who was sitting on the couch, bottle in one hand, the other clutching his head as the blood flooded him and gave him a much more youthful and healthy appearance. Adder walked over to the two and glanced at them instantly knowing that he missed something.

"You two better hurry back, it looks like Katrina wanted to visit you a lot sooner than she originally had planned." Scott and Adder looked to each other before the world fell away again and they were suddenly dropped into the carnage in the house. Adder hitting the ground and growling as he looked up but his anger disappeared instantly. The jet black dragon grinned and made a deep thundering noise that sounded way to creepy to be a laugh.

"ADDER!" Calla shouted, supporting her stomach and pointing to the cloud of debris. "Find Demrin," she said worry and horror in her eyes. The vampire moved to the rubble and found a hand.

"Demrin!" he called out, managing to dig the warlock out of the pile. "Stay with me okay?"

"Cal...calla?" he asked his eyes fluttering as he coughed to clear the dust from his lungs.

"She's-" but the rest of the vampires words were drowned out by a sudden loud roar and the large bright light of fire building in the creatures mouth, Adder starred. He had expected death to find him one day but he always had nightmares of burning to death. His eyes clenched shut and he waited for the cold kiss of death to take him.

The End

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