Demrin traipsed aimlessly throughout the mansion; his vision blurred through the tears. He could almost hear his heart snapping in two; she was gone now; lost to him in the arms of Adder. Further tears joined those already streaked on his cheeks as he realised he would never hold her again.

He came to a standstill as she entered the corridor in front of him. The look on her face said it all; one of anger, sadness and regret. Anger at the sight of him; sadness and regret at not being in the company of her Lover; Adder no doubt.

Spinning quickly on his heels, Demrin stalked away; biting his tongue to prevent himself from calling out to Calla. He did not notice the way she outstretched her hand or made as if to call him back. Before she had a chance to; he was gone.


The rest of the following two weeks passed in a similar fashion. Demrin avoided Calla as best he could; only crossing paths with her twice. Both times he did not glance up or acknowledge her in any way; as she would doubtless want.

Demrin spent the majority of his time locked away in his room; discussing plans for the impending battle with Scott. The evidence that Katarina’s power was growing became more evident with each passing day. Storm clouds lay in a dark canopy as far as the eye could see in either direction; Demons were becoming more and more numerous with every hour. The power of the shadows was growing.

Their conversations quite often became heated; and during such a moment Demrin left the room to gain a minutes peace. He paced quickly back and forth; not paying attention to where he was walking. He crashed into someone and jumped back. It was Calla. Ducking his head; Demrin made to push past her; but she struck him across the face and blocked his path. Face raw from her slap; Demrin looked up into her face.

“We need to talk, Demrin”.

The End

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