Jester reached the house to find Ana gone, she was somewhere in the city. What was in the house were vampires. An entire group of them stood in Adder's room Adder was there, and Calla was there, she was in tears.

Demrin was in a lower room, talking to Scot, the cold eyed one himself. Reuben was alone in his room, he looked worried.

Jester ghosted through the house, just a cloud of what could have been candle smoke. Ana was nowhere to be found, and neither was Lukah. They were probably together. Trying to pull himself together, Jester tracked Ana into Paris.

He found her in an alleyway not far from a cafe. A vampire had her and Lukah cornered, but it wasnt attacking them. No, it was attacking a girl Ana's age.

Lukah had been knocked out and lay crumpled in a corner, but it was Ana that Jester was focused on, and her face was set into a hard mask. She wasnt doing anything on purpose. This was revenge. Possibly accidental, but still revenge. Jester couldn't say anything, he had no voice.

Without thinking Jester dove into the vampires body. Taking control, he broke the hold on the girl and she fell to the ground. Weak from loss of blood, her neck suffered some damage, but hopefully it wasnt broken. Jester stumbled back against the alley wall, sinking to the ground.

"Why didnt you stop it?" Jester said, using the vampires voice. It was rough, hoarse as if it had not been used in a very long time. "Its me, Jester."

Ana started forward, then stopped. That was good. The vampire was still thirsty. It took all of Jester's self control to keep from leaping at either human. It wasnt his own desire, but it may as well be, the vampires own consciousness was cowering deep inside, barely sane. No wonder it had been so easy to take control.

"Why are you a vampire?" She asked, defensive, nervous.

"I'm not," Jester replied patiently. "I'm possessing this vampire so I can talk to you. I dont have enough of my own essence left to do it on my own. Also, it seemed the only way to stop him from killing you and Lukah, as well as the girl."

They both glanced at the girl, Ana's face was unreadable. Jester swallowed, trying to put out the fire in the vampires throat.The silence continued.

"I escaped," He said, attempting to change the subject. "Did anything happen while I was gone?"

The End

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