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'Why does every single attempt to rescue Jester fail?' I mutter darkly, kicking the front door open. 

'We'll get him Ana,' Reuben soothed. 'Right now you just gotta be thankful that you're not badly hurt.'

'I couldn't give a shit about myself.'

Lukah passed me without saying a word, heading straight up the stairs. I sighed in exasperation. It seemed as though I couldn't please anyone. Lukah said that all he cared about was my happiness, but it was like whenever I mentioned Jester, Lukah would get all moody and silent. I couldn't win.

I followed Lukah.

'This isn't working you know,' I called after him. 

He turned round suddenly. 'What isn't?'

I tried to choose my words carefully, so as not to offend him. 'I know you're upset Lukah. You can try to hide with a smile or a laugh, but I know you. Various attempts to rescue Jester aren't exactly helping. Me talking about him isn't helping.'

I bit my lip as he stared straight at me.

'You should leave it for a while,' I continued slowly. 'Go home. Go hang out with old friends, leave all this drama to me. I can handle it.'

'You obviously can't Ana. You just got taken hostage by Scott.'

'That wasn't my fault,' I argued. 

The corner of his mouth tilted up slightly. 'That's my point. You can't say you can handle yourself when you don't know what Scott's going to do next. What that evil bitch is planning to do. She's got your boyfriend locked up in what seems to be bloody impenetrable chains with god knows how many demons and spirits and whatever else helping her. Why did you get involved in the first place?'

'I didn't,' I protested almost vehemently. 'I got dragged into this!'

'By the shapeshifter?'

'No. My brother actually. He was possessed by Scott, as you know. Plus Adder tried to make me his meal a few times.'

Lukah's eyes widened. 

'Obviously I'm alright. These powers protected me. If that's what you wanna call it.' I pursed my lips. 'Why did you give me them?'

'I didn't give you them Ana, you had them all along. They just needed bringing to life.'

'Who determined that you were the one to do it?'

'We've been over this,' he sighed. 'You know why I had to do it. You would have died otherwise.'

'It's not fair,' I frowned, feeling very much like a small child. 'Why did all of this have to happen? Who decided that the world was going to be full of demons and vampires and bloody supernatural creatures that are only meant to be in books and movies? Who decided that death was the only option if you hadn't have come along and "awakened" some crappy powers? Who decided that it would be hilarious to take someone so sweet, and genuine, so fragile, and hand them over to some sadistic bitch who gets her kicks from some psychotic masochistic torture or something?'

By now, my voice had risen enough to alarm virtually the whole household. Calla and Adder had come out of their room to see what the fuss was about. Reuben had appeared out of nowhere, obviously curious as to why his little sister was having a tantrum.

'What's going on?' Calla enquired. 

'Nothing,' Lukah told her. 'It's fine.'

'It's not fine,' I sighed. 'Nothing's fine. Why bother pretending anymore?' I started off down the stairs, not overly sure where I was heading, just knowing that it needed to be outside. Away from this place. It wasn't the first time I had stormed out in a huff, and a tiny part of me told me to stop being so irrational. I ignored it.

'Ana?' Calla grabbed my arm. 'What's wrong?'

'Now you care?' The words fell from my lips before I could help.

She stared at me with wide, hurt eyes. 'Of course I care. What makes you think I don't?'

'Look, I get it okay? You've got your own issues to deal with. So have I. But don't expect me to believe you give actually give a damn after so long of acting like you don't.'

'Ana,' she frowned. 'That's stupid.'

'No it's not!' I pulled away from her. 'You and Adder, you're so blind to the trouble going on around you. You don't even have a clue what's going on and you don't care. I don't see you asking if I'm okay after being taken hostage by Scott.'

She inhaled sharply.

'I'm fine thanks,' I said bitterly. 'Not a scratch. As for Jester though... Remember him? Yeah, he's with Katarina. He's still alive, but I don't know for how much longer. You've done nothing to help anyone but yourself. God you're so self absorbed.'

As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. Calla honestly looked like I'd just slapped her. Her mouth was frozen in an O shape of horror, her eyes large and glassy with unshed tears. Her arm fell limply by her side.

I couldn't bear to look at her any longer.

I turned and walked outside.

The End

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