Darkness RekindledMature

Jester was in pain. His voice was gone, his throat raw. He'd stopped resisting Katarina, but she still hurt him with those awful claws. Jester leaned his forehead against the cool stone wall, it felt nice, the cool on the only part of him that wasnt in pain.

"Turn around Jester." Katarina's musical voice rang. "I have a present for you."

Jester turned, but the sudden movement reopened wounds on his back and chest and Jester winced. Katarina tossed something onto the floor in front of him. It was a single glow in the dark star, glowing brightly as if someone had held it up to a lamp or a window for a long time.

"Turn the lights off, I want to watch him squirm in the dark." Katarina ordered to someone. The light in the already dim cell vanished completely. There was only the star. Jester didnt move, hungry, hurt, and afraid, he stared at the single point of light.

"Come back to the dark Jester," Katarina beckoned. "Come to me..."

The End

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