Vampires Can't CookMature


"I just want you to be happy, Calla. You know that." He smiled and kissed her forehead, letting her eyes fall closed. "Calla?" he murmured as they lay together. She snuggled up to his side, arms wrapped around him tightly. She cracked her beautiful eyes at him and tilted her head slightly towards his question, he grinned and flashed his fangs.

The world suddenly faded around them and all Calla could see was his brilliant crimson eyes glowing and staring at her from the darkness. An overwhelming and hypnotic sense of peace began to flood her system, all the pain, worries, doubts disappeared and her eyes fell closed.

"Everette..." she whispered as she was now in a deep, contented sleep as Adder stood and left her alone under the covers of the bed. 

"I'm sorry Calla but with your symptoms you need your rest..." he leaned over her and kissed her cheek. He had never used his trance on her before, let alone thought it would work but with his will and charm over her it had. He knew that she would wake and constantly have morning sickness or cramps, he wanted her to be happy, even if that meant using his powers on her. Not that she would remember, by morning the trance would be nothing but a dream. He smiled to himself and left his room, heading through the halls and down to the large kitchen area. He wanted to make Calla a good breakfast, perhaps even serve it to her when she woke up...

But as he looked around at all the appliances and ingrediants he realized one very simple fact, he had no idea how to cook. He frowned, brows dipping together, to think that an almost three-hundred year old vampire wouldn't know how to cook...ridiculous. He shook his head how hard could it be, moving over the the cubboard he tugged out a few mixing bowls and a pan and set them on the table. He paused and tried to remember what a normal human breakfast was. Eggs...pork...that he remembered. 

Smiling to himself he moved to the refridgerator and pulled out a pack of a dozen eggs setting them all in the bowl and starring at them. Why weren't they turning into scrambled eggs? Did me have to smush them to make it work, he frowned. No one was in the house to help him, not that he'd ask for help, but he wished he had done a bit more reasearch on it so he could provide Calla with a proper meal. 

"Why is this so hard? I can kill in the blink of an eye but when it comes to making something as simple as scrambled eggs I'm usesless!" He grabbed bowl filled with flour and chuckled it across the room, the mixture fluffed white and filled the air, covering everything in a thick powder. Adder coughed and blinked, okay, so maybe throwing a tantrum wasn't the best idea. He shook his head to clear some of the flour off his face and looked around...maybe there was an instruction manual. 


When Calla woke the next morning she rubbed her eyes of sleep, finally registering another presence in the room. 

"Adder?" she asked timidly. The figure stepped from the shadows covered in white and smiled at her. Calla gasped but Adder just fell to the floor laughing. 

"You should have seen your face!" he said laughing but managing to tug himself off the floor and retrieve her breakfast that was on a nearby table while still covered int the flour from the previous nights escapades. Calla would have chewed him a new one if it weren't for the breakfast in bed and vase of white roses that cam along with it. 

"Oh, Adder..." she murmured looking at the delicious plate of scrambled eggs, oatmeal, toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice. She began to eat and gushed many compliments about the taste of his cooking. "I can't believe you made this yourself." She said in between bites of toast. Adder smiled licking away traces of blood from his lips. "Neither can I.." he murmured deviously. Leaving out the fact that after hours of trying and failing to cook breakfast, he had kidnapped the cook from a local restaraunt and forced him to make the food. When he was done, Adder had his own breakfast but not before thanking the man. He still had manners after all, stepping softly around the bed he sat next to her and nuzzled her cheek. 

"When the baby three can go away together. To a place where supernaturals don't exist, somewhere peaceful and warm. With a large beach and a mansion to over look the waters..." Calla hummed and began to pay more attention to the vampire than her food. "I'd like that very much Adder...but..." he blinked and looked up at her. 

"But what?" A hand came and caught him square across the cheek. He yelped and whimpered rubbing the stinging red wound on his face. "What was that for?" Calla smirked. 

"For putting me in your trance last night, while I enjoyed the sleep it was a bit too forward." Adder laughed, knowing that Calla was too smart for her own good. He leaned forward and tore her clothes off. "Is bathing with me a bit too forward?" he asked with a predatory growl. She blinked at him wide eyed as their lips met and he scooped her into his arms, carrying her to the bed room and placing her in the warm waters. The only thing wandering through Calla's mind was how could Adder have gotten naked so fast as he materliazed next to her in the steaming waters. 

The End

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