Demrin: Another thing to deal withMature

Demrin sat alone in the living room, gazing into the dying embers of the fire.Calla is Pregnant.Demrin didn’t know what to think; he had been truthful in everything he had told Calla. He was still struggling to accept the fact. Succubuses could not get pregnant; it was unfathomable. They were demons of sex and destruction. They simply could not get pregnant.

Thinking it over, Demrin wasn’t surprised at how he felt regarding the father of the child. He hoped it would be the vampire’s. He would still watch over, and protect it as if it were his own; it was a part of Calla. If it was Demrin’s, the child would be in infinite danger, living a life on the run, constantly looking over its shoulder to make sure it was safe to proceed. No, he hoped desperately that it was the vampire’s. It would be easier for them both. And deep down, he knew of Calla’s love for Adder. He knew she would prefer it to be the vampire’s child. He had accepted it.

A raven flew through the open window. It perched on the mantelpiece. The bird’s beak opened and it began to speak. “Hello Demrin, I have taken the girl hostage. I intend to travel to London with her to deliver her to Katarina. I have direct orders from her to bring the shapeshifter’s bitch to her. I hope you try and stop me, for Ana’s sake”.

Demrin stared at the bird for a moment, and watched as it burst into flames. He moved quickly through the house, finding Reuben and Lukah. “Do you two want to help me rescue Ana? Scott has her held hostage”. They both immediately answered “yes”.

“But how can we find her” Reuben asked.

“I will need your help. You are her brother. I can use the connection between you, to locate and transport us to her”.


“Yes. Now, concentrate on Ana, picture her perfectly, every last detail and take my hand, and Lukah’s”. Reuben closed his eyes and took their hands. Demrin wove a flow of magic; it blossomed around them, completely eclipsing their vision. They vanished in the flash.


The warehouse was drab; dark and gloomy. Moss and mould grew on the walls. Shadows crawled along every surface. In the corner, Ana sat, her legs drawn up, manacles binding her wrists. Her head was buried in her lap; she looked a mess.

Scott stepped from the shadows. “So, you came”, he sounded almost relieved. Nevertheless, the usual demons began to form out of the ground. Two dozen; each different from the rest. One with claws the size of a baseball bat, another with ten inch long fangs, another with flesh made of flames. Demrin sighed, then hurled a fireball across the room. It exploded on contact, burning four demons. Lukah hurled a water jet at the fire demon, extinguishing it. The battle raged, Reuben bombarding the demons with his mental powers, Demrin and Lukah unleashing blasts of magic. The demons were vanquished within a matter of minutes. Demrin fired a binding spell at Scott, and the necromancer went rigid. A flick of his wrist released Ana’s bonds, and Lukah and Reuben rushed to her side. Demrin moved over to Scott.

“Why did you make it so easy for us, John? I have not known you to send demons so weak since the first days after you turned”.

“I told you before, I made a mistake resurrecting Katarina. When the battle comes, I will fight alongside you. I did not want to bring her another morsel, so I made it easy for you”.


“She plans to feed on the shapeshifter. It will increase her power. She plans to feed on a large number of the magical denizens of the world. She will absorb their powers and become damn near invulnerable”.

“We have to stop her”.

“We do, old friend, we do”.

Demrin moved over to the others, took once last glance at his old friend, and then teleported back home, deliberating over whether he should tell Ana that her lover was about to become demon fuel. He decided he had better ask Calla’s advice, she would know what was best for the girl. 

The End

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