Jester seethed. He'd been chained to the wall again by his wrists and ankles as well as his neck. The new chains were made of strong steel links, at least 2cm thick. The chains had been tested to lift several tons before they were used to bind Jester. The wall he was chained to was solid rock, the chains held in place by 2 foot long bolts imbedded in the stone. If he struggled for a hundred years, he couldnt free himself.

Just out of reach, sat Katarina. The cause of Jesters anger.He wanted to tear those flawless blue eyes from their sockets, hook claws into her chest and pull her heard out, killing her. But that skin, flawless, soft, satiny, but as impervious as diamond. No claws could get through it. No magic either.

Jester growled, a low growl in the back of his throat as Katarina positioned herself in his lap, chained or not, she was still going to have her way with him. I'm sorry Ana. Jester thought.

The End

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