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Adder didn't know what had drawn him back to Calla's room, perhaps it was the overwhelming guilt that had gnawed on his insides or his undying need to protect her from every ghost and shadow that appeared. He sighed heavily, if only Everette was here, his sire would tell him how to handle it...then again, Calla and Everette would quite possibly still be lovers.

This child would have been his and the vampire knew that the now dead sire would have been thrilled to have Calla's child. He would have gushed over her, giving her the world as a gift to see the light sparkle and dance in her eyes. But now he was here, in Calla's room, trying to frame together the right words to show her just how truly sorry he really was. "I shouldnt have reacted like I did. I know this is scary for you too. Whoever is the father, I will still feel protective over this child. Because I am protective over you. I am sorry."

Calla looked him over first with wary eyes but they melted and she smiled. "Oh, Adder!" She breathed falling into his arms, to the complete surprise the vampire. His arms squeezed her close to his chest, memories of London flooding his mind at the mere scent of the succubus. His mouth began to water, his ears picking up the thundering storm of her blood flooding near the surface of the skin. He shut his eyes and looked away, no this was the possible mother of his child.

If his hunger and lust for her hadn't gotten in the way he'd already know who the father was. Though he had the sneaking suspicion that Demrins magic could tell them. Opening his  eyes again, Adder stroked her hair softly and began to whisper to her. Words that he never thought would pass the confines of his heart, words that he had wanted for so long to say but feared the consequences. 

"I wont lie," his words were a bit shaky and he let Calla leave his grasp. "I do almost hope it's mine." To think a child, it had been hundreds of years since he had ever thought of such things...back when he was human...alive. Back when he was in love with a young girl that lived not so far from his mansion, though all they had ever done was hold hands. His eyes looked back to Calla as she smiled, his stomach doing flips at what he heard next. 

"So do I," Adder's brows shot up and he could hear her heart throbbing heavily within her chest.  chest as well. Thoughts began to bolt through his thoughts...Didn't she love Demrin, hadn't she chosen the warlock? So why now was she admitting to him that she hoped this child was his? He didn't protest against it, he was just happy they were in agreement. Taking her hands in his and squeezing he listed to her whimper with a pout on her faith. 

"I'm going to get fat, aren't I?" 

"You will be beautiful," he murmured, placing a delicate kiss upon her forehead and humming happily. "And happy. I think this baby might be exactly what you've been waiting for." With that he tugged away from her giving her hand one more reassuring squeeze. Calla smiled with a glint of hope in her eyes as Adder left her room.  He moved down the halls, feeling suddenly warm and giddy butterflies tickling his stomach as he took a seat at the top of the grand stair case. 

"Calla..." he murmured, feeling a ghostly hand on his shoulder. His eyes turned up and caught the sharp gaze of two crimson eyes staring upon him. Adder's veins filled with ice as he was frozen to where he, it wasn't possible!

"Hello brother..." that voice, those eyes....he couldn't be alive..he was dead...turned to ash! Adders mouth hung open lightly as the transparent form of Everette stood before him. His sire gave him a warm smile and knelt by him, placing his spectral forehead against Adders. He shivered at the presences cold feeling when it touched him. 

"!" he stammered, relieved and shocked to the elder vampire here. Did Calla know? He hoped not. Everette took a seat next to Adder and sighed heavily, his skin white as marble and eyes like the color of fresh spilt blood.

"Let's just say I pulled a few strings and made a few deals that I won't be getting out of in a long time....I only have two hours..and please Calla must not know I'm here." Adder nodded taking in the gravity of the others words. He felt excited like a kid who finally got to see there father after he had been away for a long time. 

"It's been so long..." he whispered and Everette winced. 

"I know and I'm sorry that I left you when you were but a fledgling...I had Calla and her needs superceeded even my own...but that is the past. I am here to talk about what has happened now." Adder shrunk a bit almost afraid that the ghost would yell at him for doing something to Calla. But the hint of a smirk on the others face told a different story. 

"Cyrus..." he said using Adders true name, "If Calla and I could have had a child, I would have jumped at the chance. I would have treated her like the most precious and fragile glass to be constantly tended and loved. But was not to be." Adder bowed his head a bit the guilt from him shouting at Calla hitting him in full now. 

", I wish this to be my child but she loves Demrin. How am I to care for the child if it belongs to him?" The other vampire growled at the name, his eyes flashing. They looked at each other and Everette put his hands on Adder's shoulders, staring at him straight in the eyes. 

"No matter who's child it is, show her that you truly love her! I've watched you two together, seen the looks you exchange. She loves you more than she is willing to show or admit. Care for that child, I don't care if it was a baby from the warlock or from your own seed. It will be a part of Calla and you owe it to her to love and raise that child, I have a feeling that the paternity of the child will reveal itself in time. Do not bother yourself with such things. This is your lover and your soul mate as she was mine, love her for her. Do this for your self and in my stead...I will always watch over you two and guide you through all the dark times." He smiled flashing his fangs and Adder copied with a smirk. 

"I will miss you Brother..." Adder murmured feeling tears prick his eyes. Everette hugged him close and stroked his cheek with a free hand. They stayed there, sharing words, secrets, and thoughts that no other would ever know. They were bonded, Father and Son, Brothers, Friends, Sire and Colt. 

"I've missed you since I first turned you, not a day went by that I didn't worry over your health and safety but it puts my soul at ease that you are where you are. Surrounded by such great people, even if I do harbor some pains with one of them." They both chuckled softly and sighed, Everette patted Adders shoulder and tugged out of the younger vampires grip. "Take Care," he murmured standing tall as his image turned into tiny glowing particles that evaporated into the night. Adder sat there, his arms still held as though Everette had been right there...he felt alone again. 

"Adder?" A voice called and Ana appeared at the bottom of the stairs, followed by Lukah. Both looked terribly sleepy, as Ana yawned. "We heard your voice talking and wondered what was going on." The vampire tilted his head a bit, they hadn't heard Everette's voice? He felt a bit releaved and waved his hand dismissively.

"It was nothing...just talking to a brother long past." he whispered, feeling a surging need to suddenly be at Calla's side.  

The End

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