Demrin: Healing and Calla's newsMature

Demrin sat on the bed, his stumped arm in front of him. He took several deep breaths; he was nervous. He had never tried to heal a severed hand before where there was no hand to reattach. He closed his eyes, ground his teeth and began muttering. He screamed in pain as the end of the wound began to heal. His flesh felt as if it was boiling.

Demrin felt the nerves re-growing, snaking out of the wound into the open air. The pain was excruciating. He glanced down. The nerves had flopped downwards; no hand was re-growing. It seemed he could not recreate the limb. With a grunt, Demrin shut his eyes and began muttering again. He started the process of forming a gray metal hand. Demrin roared with pain, his screams echoing around the mansion. He continued to yell, the process hurt him so. His nerves began to move into his new hand.

The door to his room burst open. He opened his eyes and saw Calla, Ana, Adder, Lukah and Reuben all standing there, mouths hanging open as they watched a hand grow on the end of Demrin’s stumped arm. He continued to scream, the pain beginning to overwhelm him.


“We could hear you screaming all around the house!” Ana said.

“He is making a new limb for himself” Adder said quietly.

“He can do that?” Lukah said in awe.

“That is impressive” Reuben  said.

The fingertips of Demrin’s metal hand formed. He gasped with relief, flexed the fingers to ensure it worked, and then slumped forward; drained. Calla Ran to his side and wrapped her arms about him; attempting to pull him back onto the bed. He weighed more now, the metal hand adding to it. She could not pull him back alone. Ana ran to help her. Demrin fell into a deep sleep.


Demrin woke and found Calla sitting on the bed, her back to him, her arms wrapped across her breasts. She was gently rocking back and forth.

“Calla my dear, what is wrong?”

She started and spun around to face him.

“Demrin, you’re awake. How are you?”

“I’m fine Calla. Now tell me, what is wrong?”

She hesitated. “Nothing is wrong. Why would you think something is wrong? Nothing is wrong. Dammit nothing is wrong!” she yelled the last part.

“Calla, you are extremely nervous, you keep fidgeting, you rushed your denial, and you are yelling at me. What is wrong?”


“Calla, come here” Demrin hid his shock as he held out an arm. Calla hesitated, tears rolling down her face. She moved slowly over to him and sat. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She sobbed into his shoulder. “It will be fine, my love”.

“I-I slept with Adder”.

“I know”.

“W-what if it’s his? Would you still love me?” Demrin remained quiet for a moment. “Oh god, you would hate me wouldn’t you?” she sobbed even harder.

“We’ll figure this out Calla. I will be right here with you through it all. I will love your child like I love you, no matter who is its father”.

“Thank you”. She seemed to take it as a reassurance that he would still love her. Demrin was not sure himself how he would feel. He wanted to think he would still love her, but he did not know.


Demrin paced his room. Would he love Calla if the baby was Adder’s? He knew he could check who was the father. All it would take would be Calla’s co-operation, and a simple spell. But he knew he wouldn’t. Not unless Calla asked him to check. And she did not know he could.

Emotions raged through Demrin’s mind. He wanted to love her; he never wanted to stop loving her. But, admittedly, honestly, he was slightly annoyed at the fact that it might be Adder’s. After he had given himself completely to her, she had to go and fuck the vampire again didn’t she. He didn’t blame Adder; Calla’s powers allowed her to seduce any man. Anger surged from within him, and he lashed out at the wall, punching it with his metal hand. He clenched his fists and stared at the ground.

“Demrin?” Ana’s voice came from the doorway. He looked up. “Are you ok?” He saw her staring at the wall. Glancing up, he noticed a hole in the wall where he had punched. His new hand was strong, it appeared.

“I’m fine”.

“I-I was just wondering... if you had any more lessons planned for me? You know, me being your apprentice and all”.

Demrin shook his head to clear all thoughts of Calla and her baby from his head. He nodded and beckoned for her to enter the room.

“I am going to teach you to create mental wards, and how to create physical barriers that will deflect some attacks. Now, empty your mind”.


The End

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