"Ana!" Jester gasped when he saw her standing in the doorway. Someone else was with her, probably Lukah, but Jester didnt see him clearly. Ana was staring at Jester in horror, looking down, Jester saw why. He'd blocked out the pain, not giving Katarina what she wanted. These cuts werent healing like ordinary cuts, for Katarina had done it herself, with her own sharp nails, so his shirt was soaked in blood, now the pain came, as the shock of seeing Ana in such a place wore off.

"Is that all you've got?" Katarina laughed, and Jester realized Ana had tried to use her powers. No Ana, how could you, she's too powerful, she'll kill you. "My turn." Katarina finished. Still laughing, her stolen blue eyes flashed, and Ana dropped to the floor.

"Ana!" Jester yelled, as Ana began to writhe in pain, mouth open in a silent scream of pain. He pulled against the chains. "Stop it Katarina."

Katarina turned, surprise on her face, but also, amusement. She was powerful, and she knew it. What she'd been doing to Jester was nothing like what she was doing to Ana. And what she was doing to Ana was nothing compared to what she could do.

"Stop is Katarina." Jester repeated, his voice a growl. He hadnt changed form in a long time, and tensions were growing. Shapeshifters arent as stable as humans or even creatures like Katarina. They had to change form occasionally, and Jester was angry. Katarina was torturing his girl. Torturing Ana. Taking quick shallow breaths, Jester shivered, then, exploded into a new form.

A cat, powerfully built and covered in fur blacker than ink. Jester strained  against the chains holding him, the links stretched and snapped, he pinned Katarina to the ground. Distracting her long enough to release Ana. Jester turned to Lukah, kneeling by her side.

"Get her out of here!" Jester said. "Its not safe."

The End

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