Shattered HeartsMature


Adder moved through the halls like a specter, his eyes ever watchful for movement and sound. He had been avoiding Calla with all his will and determination but after so long away from the only woman he ever loved his resolve was cracking. Ever step and dodge was another long serrated knife into his heart, bleeding his soul dry of any truly caring emotion he had known. He was reverting, one could say, back to the creature he was when Everette had turned him. A cold soulless creature, not cruel, just empty. His crimson eyes growing flecks of charcoal and his black hair became wiry and unruly. 

Finally stepping from his bedroom after days of self starvation ( a punishment he felt that he all to painfully deserved), to walk the halls again. His feet made no noises as he walked to the brilliant looking staircase and proceeded downwards until he was in the main hall. His eyes grazed the golden trimmings and lovely greek styled females that stretched and arched around the buildings supports while fluttering  cloth graced their delicate curves. But the only thing that came to Adder's mind was that their beauty paled in comparison to Calla and her succubus graces.

"Calla my love....where did I go wrong...? Was it my fault that you left or was I just a flight of fancy? A stroke, a note on a piano key just one song that had already been sung. His eyes flicked to the piano room where he had played so many songs, burst through the house to kidnapp Calla and lost his memory of her. The thoughts of the memories were drowning him, Adder could feel their fingers wriggling around his neck and squeezing the life out of him. He hurried up the stairs and bounded down the halls, his hand just resting on the ivory knob . 

"Adder!" The vampire froze, his eyes wide as a silver coin. Shrinking a bit, he slowly turned his dark crimson eyes to meet her and whimpered. Her hair was a mess about her make-up stained face, tears streaming down her face as she shivered in the hallway. Her arms clutched at her sides as though she would fall to pieces, her violet eyes full of terror from a knowledge that hid there. 

"C..ccalla." he stuttered. "What's the matter what happened?" he reached out but then immediately recoiled. He shouldn't touch her, he wasn't hers....she was Demrin's. Calla fell to the ground, her fingers knotted tightly in her clothing as she sobbed uncontrollably. Adder finally swallowed the lump in his throat to reach his hand out and pat her shoulder. She reacted immediately and clasped him tightly tucking herself tightly to her shoulder. 

"Adder," Calla sobbed. " have know." he gasped her words in and continued, pressing her head against his chest. "'s not possible Demrin.....we..." He trembled and tugged away from her grasp, shaking his head. Whatever had reduced his once lover into a puddle of cries and stammered words. 

"Perhaps another time Calla," he said standing very gently and regrapsing the door handle listening to the clacks and groans of the metal sliding away so that the door could open. Calla snarled and hooked her arms around him, dragging him back to the floor; howling and shouting. 

"No! You will listen to me now Cyrus "Adder" Kyote!" she growled and slapped him heavily across the face, leaving a stinging red mark against his pale skin. He cringed and shrunk back, not able to run as she held him tightly to the floor like a lioness with her prey. "You will listen to me! This concerns YOU, ME, and Demrin! Adder!!" She hissed eyes ablaze with a fire he had never seen. 

"What....what is it?" he asked fearfully, his fingers twitching. 

"Adder...I'm....pregnant." Adder blinked, had he heard her right? No, it wasn't possible. She was a succubus, a creature that delighted on sexual and carnal pleasures with no possibilities of pregnancies. Adder too knew that the child could not be his, being a vampire meant children and reproduction were impossible.

Even with his last night with her, the child was not was Demrin's. And with that realization his heart shattered into tiny shards, with no hope of ever picking the pieces back up. He frowned, feeling hollow and suddenly chilled by even a breath of air gliding down the corridors.  

"The child cannot be mine..Calla...I cannot have children being as I am." he looked away, not wanting her to see the utter heartbreak that was shredding his chest. Calla sniffled and wiped her tears. 

"I wasn't supposed to bear children but I and I-" the vampire cut her off curtly. 

"'s yours and Demrin's, I'm sorry that this is startling Calla and I feel happy for the both of you but I must get into my room before the sun appears."Calla gaped at him and narrowed her eyes. 

"You bastard! This could be yours and you do no-"

"I said that it's impossible!" He roared back, eyes glowing wildly as he almost released his mind trance abilities on her. "Go back to the warlock! He will tend to you with his undying rivers of love!" he shouted and threw open his door. Calla whimpered. 

"Adder..." her voice called to him, pained and scared. He sighed, his back to her and his hand on the door. 

"Calla...please, you've made your choice and I'm respecting it. Dragging me back because you feel sorry or because of this shocking turn of events is...." he shook his head. "I want you to be happy and claiming that in someway the child is mine, Demrin will know of your unfaithful passion with me. He'd never accept the child and if he did, he'd show him or her what a bastard their vampire father is. Now please leave what's left of me in peace." With those last words he slammed the door, not daring to look back at the mess that Calla had become...

When had they all fallen so far.....

The End

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