An attempt at braveryMature

'I'm going to do it,' I told Demrin that very same night.

'Are you sure? I won't be able to go with you and it may be very dangerous, considering who he's with.'

'I can handle myself,' I bristled ever so slightly. Why did everyone think I was incompetent?

'Very well,' Demrin murmured, taking a step back and closing his eyes.

I wondered briefly if this transportation was going to work the same way it had when Demrin had brought us to Paris. If it was, it was sure to run smoothly. Still, I readied myself, trying to control my nerves as I mimicked Demrin by closing my eyes.

'Wait a minute,' Lukah interrupted from the doorway. Both Demrin and I turned to face him, surprised.

'You're not going alone Ana,' he said, coming to join me.

'Lukah - ' 

'No,' he cut me off. 'I'm not discussing it. It could be dangerous.' He slipped his hand into mine, squeezing it gently.

'Okay,' I sighed. 

'Are you both ready?' Demrin asked.

We nodded in unison.

'The District Warehouse, Boulevard Way, London.' Demrin spoke in a steely tone. The last thing I saw were Demrin's deep green eyes, empty and blank. 

Everything was so dark. I opened my eyes, wide, trying to pick out the smallest amount of light, anywhere. I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my face. I started to panic, claustrophobia settling in fast. The darkness seemed almost suffocating. I couldn't imagine how Jester went through this.

'Lukah?' I called out timidly.

There was no reply.

Oh God. Oh God. Okay. CHILL Ana. It's going to be fine.

I stood shakily, my hands waving about in thin air, trying to search for something,anything that I could use for support. A light switch would be really, really helpful. I took a cautious step forward, instantly walking into something large and cold that I recognized instantly.

My fingers brushed the windowpane, relieved. Wait a minute though...If there was a window, shouldn't I be able to detect some source of light? Even if it was nighttime, the moon would provide a sufficient glow. I got a sudden whiff of a heady scent that made my head swim and I realized why I couldn't see anything. The window had been painted black, to block off the outside world.

Was Jester in here? 

I had no idea how big this room was, let alone anything that was in it, so it was impossible for me to know for sure.

'Ana?' Lukah whispered.

'Lukah!' I cried out, relieved. 'Where are you?'

'Right behind you,' his hand touched my shoulder lightly, scaring me half to death.

'Jeez! Don't sneak up on me like that!'

'Sorry,' he chuckled.

'It's not funny,' I snapped, agitated. 'We need to find Jester.'

'You're right,' he broke away from me suddenly and began mumbling something in a soft, liquid language. Seconds later, I was blinded by a sudden burst of brightness. A glowing orb of light hovered just a few feet in front of us. The glow cast half of Lukah's face in shadow, really accentuating just how well defined his features were. He looked devastatingly handsome in this strange, amber hue and I was stunned into silence for several moments. It was as though I had completely forgotten what he looked like and I was being reminded in the most heartbreaking way possible.

'Let's find Jester,' Lukah said quietly, moving away.

'Wait,' I called softly, touching the sleeve of his shirt.

'Ana, we have to find him,' he replied, gently unclasping my fingers.

'You're right,' I sighed.

I found out that no matter where we went, the orb always stayed just ahead of us, illuminating our path. Heavy doors lined the hallway on either side, as though taunting us of our obliviousness to Jester's presence. The air was cold and there was a faint musty smell that made me scrunch my nose up. 

'Right,' Lukah instructed. 'Let's check each of these rooms.'

I nodded and headed through one of the doors. The orb split into two separate parts; one following Lukah, and one staying with me. It was strangely comforting.

There was nothing in the room, just a few discarded boxes and some metal pipes. I picked one up, keeping a firm grip on the heavy cold object. This may prove to be useful later on. After I was one hundred percent sure that Jester wasn't in the room, I met Lukah back in the corridor. He had come up empty as well.

Precisely five rooms later, I was beginning to grow doubtful.

'Are we even in the right place?'

'We should be,' Lukah frowned. 'Demrin would know more than anyone wouldn't he?'

'He's probably in last place we look you know.'

'Well then maybe we should look there next?' he grinned.

'I don't think it works like that,' I pursed my lips.

'I know,' his features suddenly lit up, as though a lightbulb had flicked on in his mind. 'I could try a simple locators spell. I've never done it before though so I'm not sure if it's going to work.'

'Well it wouldn't hurt to try would it?'

'I'd need your help though. You'd have to channel me some of your power.'

'Oh. Will it hurt?' I backtracked on my previous words, causing him to laugh lightly.

'Nah piece of cake.' He took both of my hands in his and closed his eyes. I did the same. As he began to speak, I felt it take effect. Something stirred within me, and began to stream through my body. It started off in the crown of my head, coursing in my blood through my neck, down my arms. My fingertips tingled slightly. I thought it may help if I pictured Jester in my mind.

It wasn't hard. I saw him smiling at me, with such warmth and compassion. His normally worried dark eyes were fixed on me with kindness and love. His jet black hair was tousled slightly as though he had run his fingers through it. Strands hung across his forehead, making him look adorable. He was wearing a pair of light khaki shorts and a white button-down shirt; the same outfit he wore when we visited the Eiffel Tower.

'I think I'm getting something...' Lukah whispered. I was beginning to find it difficult to hold on to the image of smiling Jester as my impatience and anxiety grew. I didn't speak for fear of shattering the picture altogether.

Lukah suddenly broke away and started to run down the corridor.

I jogged after him, startled.

He came to a halt outside the very last door - typical - and kicked it open with apparent ease. I peered over his shoulder and gasped sharply. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my blood ran cold at what I saw.

Jester was chained to the wall. A woman stood in front of him, glaring at both of us. She was incredibly beautiful, and exceptionally frightening. 

Jester's eyes widened at the sight of us both and his mouth hung open. 'Ana!'

'Oh my God what has she DONE to you?' 

Jester's chest was cut in several places. Blood trickled across the surface of his skin, staining his shirt a vivid red, giving it the appearance of a scene from a horror movie. They were shallow cuts, to keep him conscious I presumed.

'You bitch,' I hissed. I unleashed all my anger in one simple wave of mental torture, directing all my hate and fury on this one lone woman. She didn't flinch. No matter how hard I tried, she never moved once. She didn't cry out in pain, she didn't shriek in agony. Nothing.

'Is that all you've got?' she laughed in a venom tone. 'My turn.'

The world suddenly exploded into the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. My skin felt like it had been set on fire, my head felt like it had been trapped in a steel vice, my bones felt like they were breaking one by one, slowly, painfully. It honestly felt like Death was upon me.

The last thing I saw before I passed out from the pain, were her eyes boring into me with callous hatred and mild amusement.

The End

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