Katarina was asleep. Jester sat by the window,staring out at the moon. Half full tonight. Two shadows skittered across the driveway and into the garden. Surprisingly, it was Scott and a girl, no, not a girl, a succubus. The necromancer and the succubus were dancing now, a little dance in the moonlight, slow circles.

Jester leaned closer, both amazed and jealous of the moment. Amazed that cold eyed, shadowy John Scott, could be sharing a tender moment with anyone. Jealous because it wasnt him and Ana down there. The girl looked up at the necromancer, and as the light caught her face, Jester recognized Stephanie, the girl who had stayed in Adders mansion, who's essence Jester couldnt see. She had been cloaked, Jester realized now. She'd been with Scott since the beginning.

Jester reached up and pulled at the collar that fit snugly around his neck. The metal didnt budge. If it werent for this thing, that Katarina held onto constantly, Jester would fly away to find Ana, to at least see her again. Even if only for a few minutes

The End

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