"But I hurt you," The vampire mumbled. "If I loved you why would I hurt you?" His eyes starred at her noticing something burning brightly behind her eyes. She shouldn't be here...he would hurt her somehow...he...

"None of that matters now," Calla cooed to him, Adder raised an eyebrow wondering why she would say such a thing? Toss away that he had hurt her, brought her to the brink of death only to be rescued by her true love, Demrin. How could she loved him if she already had a lover that pleased her so? Before Adder could ask her any of the questions buzzing in his head she collapsed against his body and pulsed her lips to his. Adder's eyes feel shut and his arms curled tightly around her with his fingers  curling into her hair.

Something about this was so he'd been starved of water only to finally be able to drink, and he drank every touch and feeling of her in. A part of him screaming that his was all right and the other that he should push her away. Ignoring both, he just kissed her back and let himself be taken under her spell. 

Calla tugged her lips away and panted heavily, she was still in his tight hold as his hands moved to the small of her back. He starred down at her, like he was on the verge of a stunning and groundbreaking revelation. She looked up and met his crimson gaze, unable to pull away and yet she was now holding all the power over him. His undead heart wanted to jolt to life at the feelings she just gave him.

"Bite me," she pleaded in a hoarse voice. "Oh, God, Adder. I missed you." The vampire wanted to pause and wait but she had just told him what to do and his  body followed while his mind reluctantly went along with what was happening. Adder's lips pressed against her warm skin and his fangs pricked the surface. He winced, would this bring him back to the monster he had been...would he drain her life and watch her beautiful corpse on the ground before him? Shaking those thoughts away, his tongue flicked across her honey tasting skin as she tightened her grasp on his shirt. Here goes nothing... He thought letting his eyes fall shut as his fangs punctured through her and into the throbbing vein. 

It was then that the world fell away, blackness swirled around him and his mind felt like it had shut down. His eyes clenched and his jaw tightened around her neck, the blood on his tongue that rushed over his throat to warm his gut. Then there was Calla, moaning and crying in his grasp, not trying to keep herself quiet but Adder didn't care. A sudden pressure filled his mind and tremors danced over his skin, it was like someone had opened a floodgate as memories came rushing back in a painful wave. All the pleasure replaced with....her

Adder wrenched away roughly, ripping her skin but not caring to be gentle...He stood a few feet from her, shocked at the return of all his stolen memories. The vampire's eyes glowed as he licked the remnants of her blood away. Her eyes watching him with fear and curiosity.

"I remember," he growled as Calla trembled, his gaze softened. So thankful to remember more than his torture of her. All those nights that had been lost to his mind, all those caresses and movements against each other's skin. Reaching out, he took her into a comforting grasp, kissing her forehead and stroking her lovely blonde strands of hair. "I remember now. I'm so sorry, Calla.

Calla began to cry as he hugged her body close to his, loving the heat that moved from her living body to him. "My lover...oh, I lost you. How could I let you fall from my grasp...I'm so sorry that I hurt you my precious Calla. I just saw red...and then Everette," Tears began falling from his eyes at the memory of his sire. Calla had so much more time to know him and be with him, Adder got little more than a few hours in the vampire's presence. "And then Demrin...he's your true lover isn't he? I was just someone the pity of your heart puddled around?" He smiled bitterly and pushed her back to his bed. 

Calla hesitated, not trying to meet his gaze. "I am not mad any more Calla, I am no longer bitter, no longer the spiteful monster I was in Scott's grasp. I am merely a Vampire with no past and no future..." His lips pressed kindly against hers and Calla let herself be taken, their clothes shed like water while they kissed and cuddled with each other. Taking time to enjoy their remembered love...though Adder would not let her know it, this would be their last time in bed. He felt sorrow over such a thing but Calla needed it, he shouldn't be complicating their love which the succubus treasured so much. 

"Oh...Calla," he sighed as her fingers fisted in his short raven locks, her body pressed underneath his as she opened herself to him. Adder shut his eyes and let a smile tug at the corners of his mouth. Entering her, she made noises that he so dearly missed. His own body responded to the lost lover with delicate hunger. Beneath him Calla writhed and moaned moving in her through her, taking everything in and committing it to memory. They reached their climax and collapsed he lay his body on her naked frame. 

"My god..." she whispered and kissed his lips. He blinked and hooked his fingers between hers. Squeezing his hand before letting go, pulling out, and laying next to her. She shut her eyes sleepily, and pressed her body to his. "Adder..." He hushed her with a kiss and with that she was asleep. Waiting until he was sure that she was in a deep sleep, Adder pulled away from her and donned his clothing. He felt awful for not sleeping with her but he needed to show his submission in the pursuit of Calla. She had made her choice and he was willing to honor her decision, instead of falling back into his madness. 

He moved through the hallways like a spectre, searching for the warlock that Calla's heart belonged to. He found the man, perched in his room and looking out the window. His gaze turned and met him with a bit of anger and sadness. 

"What do you want, Vampire?" Adder bowed his head slightly. 

"I have my memory back...and I have come to say that Calla is yours. I no longer desire and fawn after her like some abandoned puppy. I know that her heart lies with you and I shall not make her hurt and unhappy again." When his crimson hues looked up to Demrin, he could see the shock and confusion in his eyes. Many words and questions that wanted to pass through the man's mouth but never did. 

Finally when the warlock nodded, Adder sighed. "She is in my room, you'll find her sleeping peacefully. I will no longer intervene between the two of you, I just wish you eternal happiness." With those parting words, he left Demrin's room and moved off to the den, taking up refuge on the couch. Eventually after running over the thoughts and the nights events, Adder left the study and moved into the basement where the wine lay in thousands of bottles.

That is where he slept that night; cold, alone, on the floor, and heartbroken. The only solace he found was the happiness Calla would know that she would never have to worry about where her heart stood. It was already known between the three...Sleep finally came to him, swallowing his mind in all his lost memories. 

The End

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