The Machinations of ScottMature

Demrin heard the uttered words as he walked past.“I know where Jester is”.He halted in his tracks.

“What?” he heard Ana say.

“Yes, what?” he said, revealing himself to the two on the porch. They both jumped, startled by his sudden appearance. Lukah gaped helplessly at the warlock.

“Where is he? Tell me that and I’ll leave you two alone”.

“London, back with Scott”. Ana gasped, Demrin nodded.

“I guessed as much”. He turned his back on the couple, and moved off into the house.


Demrin sat in the large kitchen of the mansion and waited for Ana to appear. The girl walked in, a tear track on her cheek. She spotted Demrin, and quickly wiped her eyes.

“Hi Demrin”, she said, her voice shaky.

“Ana, I know you miss Jester. If you wish it, I can send you to him, transport you to him. It would be incredibly dangerous for you, considering who he is with, but I can do it. And I can bring you back. All you would have to do would be say my name three times, and I can then go to you, and bring you back. Just something for you to think about”.

He got up and left, leaving the girl to her thoughts.


The corner of the inn was wrapped in shadows once more, just the way Demrin liked it. He could blend into the darkness, he could see, but not be seen. The flickering firelight created an ominous glow on the walls, the pale orange half-light coating the building.

The innkeeper cast angry glances in his direction; he had destroyed half the bar the last time he was there. John Scott had shown up, and fought him. Demrin raised his glass, sipped at his drink and replaced it on the table.

Shadows grew and formed around the seat opposite him. Demrin knew what was coming. John Scott sat opposite him, a worried frown creasing his brow.

“I don’t want to fight this time, Demrin, old friend. I only wish to talk”.

“And why should I trust you?”

“I will allow you into my mind, just this once. I truly, only wish to talk”.

Scott leaned forward, and Demrin placed his hand on the necromancer’s forehead. No notions of betrayal or deceit came through. Demrin was allowed complete access.

“Ok John, talk”.

“I-I made a terrible mistake, Demrin. I revived The Evil. But she is much too powerful, I cannot even begin to control her. She dispatches humans as if they were flies. I-I don’t know what to do”.

“And you expect my help? After all you have done? I sensed a disturbance recently, and I knew it had to be you, John”.

“I-I think she is going to kill me, rule the world on her own, with no threat to her existence”.

“She will not rule this world, not while I still have breath in my body”.

“I-if it comes to it, if I cannot control her, if it comes to war, would you consider joining forces to destroy her?”

“If it comes to it, and she is as powerful as you say, I would join forces. Not for your reasons though. You want to her eliminate so you can control this world yourself. I will fight with you for the salvation of this world. And the moment you attempt to take over this world, we become enemies again”.

“Demrin, you always were a feisty one. It was good talking to you without trying to kill each other; it reminded me of old times”.

With a smile, Scott vanished. 

The End

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