Day fourteen. Jester counted in his head. It had been two weeks since he'd left the vampires mansion. He wondered if Ana had come back, if she knew where he'd gone. If she cared.

The feel of something sharp trailing across his cheek snapped Jester out of it. Beside him, connected by a few feet of silver chain, was Katarina.

The girl, who was truly the embodiment of all evil, lounged comfortably in a king sized bed covered in silk and velvet. The curtains of the rooms large windows were closed, no sunlight came in, but Jester could still see her. Dressed in purple sweatpants and a large white t-shirt that hid her curvy form, Katarina was beautiful. Her hair was dark, and fell in waves down her back when she was upright. Right now those waves were spread out over a white silk pillowcase, her bright blue eyes glowed in the dim light. Warlocks eyes, looking up at him as she stroked Jester's face with her fingers, the sharp points of her painted nails tickled as they crossed his skin. Jester himself was in human form, black hair, golden eyes, dressed in a navy blue t shirt and dark plaid pajama pants. The collar was still around his neck.

"Two weeks before we put the plan into action." Katarina said, looking up at Jester. He nodded, unsmiling."Scott!" Katarina barked, sitting up suddenly.

"Yes, miss Katarina." Scott snivels from outside the door.

"My pet isnt happy. Why?" Scott walked in and cast a spell that dove into Jesters mind and read his thoughts.

"He is thinking about the other girl again, miss." Scott says, withdrawing the spell.

Katarina slapped Jester across the cheek, knocking him down onto the mattress.

"Why!?" She said, looming over him. " I will be the queen of this world, you must be faithful to ME!" Jester didnt try to rub at his stinging cheek as he sat back up. "Scott, take away his memories of her. I dont want him thinking about her anymore."

"No..." Jester whispered. "Please." Ana was all he had left, he'd given everything else to Katarina, or else she'd take her away. "I'll be good." He forced a smile, trying to portray warmth in his gold eyes. They cant take Ana away from me, even though she belongs to someone else. He thought desperately holding onto the picture of Ana sleeping as the the suns first rays came through a gap in the curtains.

The End

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