Whispers from the PastMature


Adder sat at the piano his eyes shut to the world as his hands danced with an expert grace across the keys. He remembered playing this melody but from when or where he did not know. It was a graceful yet painfully sad piece where his heart broke over the keys and his soul poured out with the melody.

He heard soft footsteps and recognized them instantly though he made no move to her and never stopped his song. He allowed her to come to him, step by step. But as she moved to sit next to him on the piano bench, his fingers hit keys that weren't apart of his song creating a ear piercing screech. Calla stopped just as he wanted her to, distance between them would be better. It would be easier to talk to her without fear that he might pitch back into madness. 

"Adder....no...you were dead..." she trembled softly and it pained him to see the hurt and shock written across her delicate features. Some instinct within him begged him to go and hug her close, to kiss her velvet lips and just forget everything but he remained stuck to the piano bench. 

"Calla...I...had planned on using the ritual of the Sonne, just burn and evaporate from life like my Sire, Everette." His eyes opened and rose from the keys to look into Calla's. Her eyes were wide, her attention on him alone. "But just as the first rays broke free, I fled into the house and took refuge in a windowless room for the day. 

"You don't remember the past then do you?" she asked taking a step closer, his features stiffened the closer she moved  not liking the proximity between them. 

"I know enough...enough that you should stay away from me, far away. Every night I tried to stay away from you, whispered to you that I was sorry for what I did. Yet still you pursued  me until you were sure that you'd gone mad. Just stay away from me Calla...I'm a monster...I have no heart." Adder turned his ruby gaze away from her and looked out the window. Watching as flowers were tousled by the wind, the moon shinning on everything below, and fireflies winking to life. 

"I can't...I can't do that Adder," she whispered tenderly walking over to the bench and taking a seat beside him. His eyes snapped to her, a slight shiver running up his spine. Why was she searching him out, he was her attacker...her torturer. Hadn't she wanted his death? 

"Why....I don't understand...what do you hold back from me every time our eyes meet? I can see in, your violet hues holding back multiple memories and emotions that no one has touched but you. What is it your not telling me?" He asked softly, almost pained. Calla gave him a bittersweet smile and played with the edge of her skimpy night gown, though Adder forced himself not to admire her like he wanted. She was Demrins, they were lovers...not him, Vampires could never find love.

Calla opened her mouth to speak but then shut it again and closed her eyes. She whimpered softly and leaned against his shoulder, her fingers snaking around his arms like she was looking for something sturdy. Adder sighed and turned pulling her into his lap and running his fingers through her delicate hair. The motion seemed so familiar as though he had done such a thing before, but he had never held her before...had he?

"I can't tell you Adder...my reasons that I must be near to you." Her hands framed his face so that he would look at her. "Forget the madness that consumed you...forget that you stole me away and kept me prisoner. I forgive you, Adder, please accept that and understand that you are an integral part of  my life as well as the others..." She smiled and then slapped his face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. Adder flinched and gave her a terribly confused look. 

"What was that for?" he asked as his hand massaged the mark on his face. Calla stood and turned, looking over her shoulder at him. 

"That was for leaving that damned note and making me think you were dead..." her teasing voice drifted away into one of sorrow. "I had so many nightmares of your death..." Adder stood and wanted to ask why she would have nightmares over that instead of her torture but Calla left, no doubt going back to bed with her lover. Adder collapsed back onto the Piano bench and shut his eyes, racking his brain for anything he could remember related to Calla. Nothing except for the torture arouse...except for one small fragment that shocked the vampire. He had never remembered the memory before so why had it come to him now? The memory was from London...how long had it been since he was living there?


“Hey love, what brings you outside?” Calla gave a coy grin and strutted over to him in dagger like heels that clicked while she walked.  God, she’s hot. Adder grinned back but didn’t reveal his fangs; there was no need to chase this vixen she was already in his sights. When she reached him, her body leaned next to his as those violet eyes of hers stared up at him.

“Oh…nothing, just looking for someone.” She gave a knowing chuckle and Adder pulled her closer to him, pressing her assets against his. She gave a light gasp as his lips leaned in close to her. They hovered just a sliver apart.

“Maybe, I can help…” he said in a smooth, sexy voice. She placed a kiss on his lips that sent shocks across his skin and made his undead heart want to thunder in his chest.


Adder gasped as he pulled himself from the memory, Calla and him...had kissed? He sat there thinking over the memory with shock, there definitely was something that Calla and the Warlock were keeping from him. Standing, he moved back to his room and curled up on his bed. He would investigate more on his memories tomorrow, right now the sun was too close and he didn't want a repeat episode of two weeks ago. 

"What can't I remember?" he asked, shutting his eyes and drifting away. 

The End

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