New recruits and a heated encounterMature

Demrin wandered about the house, no real aim to his steps. He was deep in thought. Something had disturbed the flows of magic in the world, corrupting them. The disturbance had come recently, shockwaves had spread. Something evil had been born.

Another thing worried him, it had been two weeks since he had seen any sign of Ana. She might be in danger, but he had no way of locating her. As he made his way down the marble staircase, he spotted the girl. She was accompanied by two others, one Demrin recognised as her brother.

“So, Ana, you have decided to return?” he called down to her. She jumped at the sudden sound of his voice.

“Oh! Demrin! I-I’m sorry I didn’t... it’s just, Lukah, he found me and, we sorta lost track of time”.

“So Lukah has returned...”

“What do you mean?”

“Jester said he was back. And he asked me to tell you that he wants you to be happy. He has gone, back to London, to Scott I fear. He requested that I do not wipe his memories of you, he enjoys them too much”.

“He’s gone?” Ana welled up, a tear fell down her cheek and she ran off into the house. The two boys moved off to follow, but Demrin halted them.

“You two, I assume you are intending to stay here?”

They both nodded.

“And I assume you are Lukah?” he asked the boy on the left.

He nodded.

“Well if you intend to stay, I need to test your powers, and I need to determine your trustworthiness. Something dark has disturbed the flow of power in the world, the birth of something evil. We cannot accept a betrayer into our midst”.

They both nodded in acquiescence.

“Follow me”.


“So, show me what you can do. You first Reuben”.

Reuben stepped forward and faced the Ghoul Demrin had located. He focused his gaze on the ghoul and concentrated hard. The Ghoul began clawing at its face, trying to escape the mental torture.

“So you have powers similar to Ana, interesting. Your turn Lukah”.

Demrin didn’t expect much from this newcomer, he didn’t appear to be that powerful. Then again, he had awakened Ana’s powers. He stepped forward and held both hands out in front of him.

A jet of pure flame shot straight at the Ghoul, burning it to a crisp.

“Very good”, Demrin nodded, slightly surprised, “but how are your warding skills?”

Demrin uttered one word, and began reading the minds of the two boys. Lukah struggled for a few moments, then succeeded in creating a ward. Reuben had no such resistance. Demrin added more force to his mental assault on Lukah. The ward shattered.

“Good, Lukah. You held me out for a moment, I can work with that. Reuben, you will have to be taught to ward. Now I need you to let me in, I must determine whether or not you are trustworthy”.

Demrin moved forward and placed a hand on either boy’s head. He delved deep into their souls, searching. Some remnants of his time with Scott remained in Reuben, but he appeared to be immersed in the light once more. No traces of darkness were evident in Lukah.

“Ok, you are both accepted. Welcome to our group”.


Demrin made his way to Calla’s room, and found her waiting on the bed.

“Hey babe” she said as he entered. Demrin moved over to her and kissed her neck. He whispered in her ear.

“Wanna take a shower?” Calla smiled, her little minx smile and wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist. They walked like that into the en-suite, their clothes falling to the floor as they moved. Demrin hit the shower button and the jets of water began to fall. He pressed Calla u against the glass and entered her. He moved gently against her, her naked form pressing against his, the streaks of hot water coating them, adding to the already heated and passionate love-making. Calla moaned softly, the pleasure overcoming her. They climaxed in unison, their bodies arching into each other. A sigh of pleasure escaped both of their lips as they kissed each other again, their tongues slipping in and out of one another’s mouths. They fell together again, their passion reigniting in a heated flurry.

The End

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