On the Run


I couldn't believe it! My own father was putting me under arrest? That's a great way to bring me home. I was the victim here! First I get kidnapped then my father wants to throw me in jail for getting kidnapped. It didn't make any sense!

We ran through the town trying to lose the guards that were behind us. They were yelled at us to stop but we kept running. Or at least Jackle did. He was more dragging me behind him yelling for people to get out of the way.

"Got any plans on how to lose them?" I asked, shaking my hand out of his grip and running along side him. At first I thought he was ignoring me then he pointed to a man who was pulling a cart of logs. He stopped for a second and bent down. “Why are you stopping?” I asked urgently as I watched the guards get closer. Jackle reached into his boot and pulled out a dagger he had concealed there.

He ran toward the cart and, using the dagger, opened the back end of it which caused the logs to roll out. Ignoring the words that the man yelled at us, we continued to run out of town

The End

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