Ransom to Runaway?!

I left the room, feeling quite pleased with myself, also feeling quite refreshed.

This little rabbit was fun to play with. As I left the house, quite chipper, I sauntered down the street. Winking at the girls who looked at me, making them blush.

I touched my lips and shook my head, there was no was a little rabbit like that could cause so much impact on my heart rate! Pfft. As if she could change my playboy ways!

I ran a hand through my matted, curly hair and sighed as I walked into the local pub, pulling out a stool at the bar.

'The usual, Malcome.' I grunted, shoving gold at him. He shook his head and glared at me.

'Not you, your barred for doing unholy, sinful things to my daughter!' Malcome roared, slamming his fist down on the table. I sighed and raised my hands in the air.

'It's not like she ddin't enjoy it. And maybe Jesus wanted us to. Ever thought about that?' I joked, but this made the already fuming father furious.

'Jackle, is there a Mr. Jackle in here?' A voice boomed from the doorway.

'That is I.' I called back, swivelling round on my chair.

'Your under arrest for treason and theivery!' The guard shouted, making a lunge for me. I dodged his clumsy attack easily and hopped out of the pub.

'You and the Princess Nephele are under arrest for going against the great earls orders!' He yelled, chasing me down the street. I grumbled to myself as I skidded down the alley-way which led to my house. I slammed open the door and quickly kicked down the door which led to the room the Princess was in. 

Her head snapped up in suprise as she took in my slightly pink face.

'If you don't want to be arrested, come with me!' I hissed at her, holding out my hand.

'What do you mean?'

'We've both got a price on our heads for going against the earls orders, come!'I spat quickly, she looked up, her brown eyes huge.

I sighed and grabbed her wrist, dragging her along with me. This was going to be hard to blag my way out of. . .

The End

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