I locked the Princess in the other room while I prepared for the money-a-making!

I created a rather enticing sign that declared anyone who thought they were strong could win a fair maiden for a night. This sort of stuff always goes down well with they guys who don't get any.

And the Princess will do this for me because I'll cobble up some sad story. Girls are suckers for those.

I put up the sign, I had also written down it started at 10:00PM. I grinned at my amazing self as I unlocked the door  to the room the Princess was in.


'Ouch! You idiotic wench! What do you think your doing!' I roared, rubbing me head. The stupid Princess had hit me over the head with a stool!

'Let me go home, now!'

'Haha. That's rich. . .lemmi think. . .' I paused as to get her hopes up, she looked at me, 'NO!'

I cackled as she shrieked, jumping on top of me.

I quirked up a eyebrow, she straddled my waist and I cocked my head expectantly.

'So your trying to seduce me now?' I smirked at her, she blushed and tried to deny it; getting up.

I shook my head and flipped her over, now I was on top and she was a mere helpless fox on a hunting trip. I grinned as I held her fragile wrists above her head.

She was blushing and had a ridiculously alluring expression on her face, I coughed and regained my senses.

I smirked at her and she scowled at me, biting her lip in anger.

'Don't bite them, you'll get bad sales later,' I said in a hushed voice, pulling her bottom lip away from her snagging teeth.


'Well, I'm selling you for a night. Two men'll fight eachother for you, how nice, huh?'I laughed meanly. This is why people get so shocked, with my handsome face, blonde hair and blue eyes; people don't expect me to be like I am.

'Nooo! You can't! I can't!!!' She shouted, on the verge of tears. Man, this girl had way too much pride.

'Don't tell me. . .you a virgin?!'I gaped at her, she frowned and blushed furiously, nodding her head just once, 'oh man! Well, I guess tonight's competition will have to be held of. . .'

She looked up at me, like she thought I was going to get off of her.

I grinned evilly at her, bringing my face closer to her own. She blushed again, looking somewhat cute.

I nearly blushed myself; but I didn't give her a chance to see as I brought my mouth down the hers, she gasped into my mouth as I stole her kiss.

'You. . .need. . .to. . .be. . .educated. . .in . . .this. . .area.. .' I mumbled into her lips, pausing for a kiss each time.

I moved my lips down to her neck and bit it gently, she squeaked a little and squirmed and I smiled into her jugular.

'No! Please. . .stop it. . .' She panted.

I cackled again as she tried to get up and push me away, I slammed her to the floor and moved back to her mouth.

This little rabbit wasn't going to escape me so easily!

The End

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