I couldn't believe it... I went from being locked in my room to being kidnapped by this Jackle!

I was still hitting and screaming but none of it was doing any good. The man had a grip of iron. I was surprised that no one seem to be concered about my position. Surely they thought something was up!

"Someone help me!" I yelled to passerby, but many didn't even look my way.

"It's not going to make much of a difference, Princess." Jackle said, with an amused tone that make me want to hurl. After a few more failed attempts to get him to let go I finally gave up.

Just when I thought he was never going to stop walking, Jackle threw me down grabbed my arm and dragged me into a small building. I swear he was going to break my arm. He brought me over to a back room that he shoved me into and shut the door. Quickly I ran to the door and attempted to opened it.

"Locked." I said under my breath. I sat down and looked around the tiny room he had locked me in. There was a cot to my right but that was about it. "When my father hears about this he will send his best guards to look for me!" I called to Jackle who was doing something in the other room.

"You might want to save your breath my dear." he called back. I heard him give a short laugh and I clenched my fists.

"Father will be looking for me." I muttered, angrily as I leaned against the wall.

The End

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