Sorry, I'm holding you ransom.


I crept into the Princess' room, at around twelve. I had my cloth ready, I clamped it over her slightly open, sleeping mouth. Her eyes widened as she tried to look at me, but the hands that were grasping my wrist's slipped away and she fainted.

I grinned as I heaved her over my shoulder, and then stomped out of the room.

I exited the castle with no problems, I stole a horse on my way out. It was a fine one too. I could sell that for plenty of gold. Plenty.

I rode off into the nearby forest, as deep as I could go.


As I sharpened a stick with a stone, the Princess woke up, grumbling as she blinked as the light shone through the tree's onto her face.

She sat bolt upright and scooted backwards when she saw me sitting by the campfire. I'm not suprised, I suppose I looked quite menacing with a stick and a rock in my large hands.

'No need to fret, m'dear. I'm just a thief.' I smiled widely, dropping what was in my hands.

'Name yourself commomer!' She growled, pointing at me, like I was some sort of beast.

'My name is Jackle.' I told her, slowly moving towards her.

She backed away further, 'why am I here?! Why did you take me, commoner?'

'Not really much of a reason.'

'Tell me anyway!'

I laughed loudly as I lunged for her, once again throwing her over my shoulder, she landed with a, oof! , noise and Beat her fists on my back as I started walking away from my camp-place.

'Let me go! Let me go, I tell you! Do you know who I am?! Put me down!' She yelled right in my ear, I winced. She had a very high-pitched shouting-voice.

'Were off to town, Princess. I can get a good price for you, but I better price if I hold to hostage. So, sorry, I'm holding you ransom. Ever so sorry about this!' I said in a jolly voice, she was still screaming and hitting me as we entered town.. . 


The End

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