"But Father!" I exclaimed though I knew it was no use but it was worth a try...... Wasn't it?

"No!" my father, Earl Darach, boomed "That is enough young lady! I'm not taking you and that is final!" The last word echoed around the room. I glared at him with balled fists. Darach turned to one of the soliders. "Take her to her room. I have work I need to do."

"Come, my lady." the soldier said grabbing my arm. I wrenched it away.

"I can walk by myself thank you." I said, hotly. I stormed out of room leaving the stunned guard standing there.

"Why won't he let me leave?" I asked myself as I sat down next to the window. I was in my room. "Does he not think that I can take care of myself? Not mention we'll have the guards with us!" Through out my entire life it had been my dream to leave the manor grounds. Unfortunatly, my Father had different ideas.

"The outside world is no place for a noblewoman!" is what he always told me. It made me sick!

Later that night I was awoken by footsteps in my room. Suddenly a hand was placed over my mouth and the next thing I saw was blackness....

The End

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