A Meat Heaven Revolution

The King of Poisson Heaven (the Heaven for fish who weren’t allowed into Meat Heaven) was so angry by the decision made by the leader of Meat Heaven; many tuna had cried all their fishy tears to be separated from Porky friends.

So the King of Poisson Heaven went to talk to his great friend, Lord Poulet (of Chicken Heaven). Together they made a cunning plan to overturn Meat Heaven.

On one porky day in Meat Heaven, a giant fish and a regular-sized chicken exploded into Meat Heaven. Many pigs and cows squealed/mooed (in only a way someone in Meat Heaven can) as the giant fish splashed cold, slimy water all over their porky-houses, wrecking the happiness and the nice dryness that Meat Heaven was special for.

The regular-sized chicken flapped its way over the leader of Meat Heaven and poked the large pig in its pink belly.

“Oy, you! Give us the right to live here with you…”

The End

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