Didn't anyone in the church do something?

Mary, the Half Cow, mooed.


Nautilus was drinking a beer with the bartender. The bartender brought the beer.


Monty's Rock Band members begin to sing "Time for me to fly." (REO Speedwagon) Nautilus hates the song, so he screams, throwing a half drunk bottle of beer at the main singer. When the main singer is hit, the band shifts to a different song, "Fly like an eagle." (Steve Miller Band).  The bartender hates this song, so he throws another bottle at the singer. By now the singer is bruised in the head, so he can't remember what they were doing, so he begins singing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.


Wendy could care less about what is going on. She was enjoying her cheeseburger from Wendy's. Of course, the burger would be better if she had gotten it for free. She tried to tell the poor girl behind the counter that because her name was Wendy, the burger was already her's. The ploy almost worked. The girl behind the counter almost gave her the burger for free. But, her co worker spoke up. "My name is Wendy too! So, I decide to charge you!"


The pastor was praying.



The End

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