He finds supermman, but dead of age

What a shame! Artemis really wanted to kill Superman because he thought that he could be better than super. He would be Awesome-Artemis-Man! And killing Superman would have been the ultimate proof of his ultimate power.

“Curse you age! Why have you defeated my nemesis before I had the chance?” he cries out into the cold cold air of Gotham City.

However, Awesome-Artemis-Man is not put off; he can still be insanely brave (or is that bravely insane?) and he runs around in a circle for a bit, celebrating the death of Superman, whilst others mourn greatly. Just to make it look a bit more real, Awesome-Artemis-Man throws his machete into Superman’s body twice or thrice, reeling it back like a yoyo. He has Awesome-Artemis yoyo skills!

The End

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