Who had the crazy idea of a rocket-propelled cow?

Jeff, the bartender, had a friend called Yershmin, who is an eccentric. Yersh, as his friends call him, had a few experiments for transporting animals to and from the places they need to be (the farm, the slaughterhouse, etc.) a little faster.

First he tried rollersaktes, but this only worked going down hills, so he scratched that idea.

Next, it was planes, but there was always a danger of falling animals. This led to a pig falling from the sky, and several people creating a religion based on this. This religion is now a million strong.

Finally, he got to rocket-propulsion. The main problem with this was fuel costs and explosions, but it seems to be the best so far.

Yershmin is planning to moving on to teleportation soon.

The End

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