Why did his girlfriend break up with him?

Monty Python's girlfriend was wildly in love with him and had come to support him and cheer for him at the concert. But while he was up on stage, Monty sang a song about a woman who had always stood by him, and how much he loved her. Monty's girlfriend, let's call her Brandie, thought he was speaking about her and became really happy. After finishing the song, Monty shouted into the microphone, "Wendy, I love you. Thanks for always being such a support system in my life. Marry me...Marry me Wendy!!"

Hearing this, Brandie rushed up on stage, slapped Monty right across the face, called him some choice names, told him their relationship was over, and stumbled out of the door, sniffling and sobbing.

All because of Wendy. Brandie's mother!!!!

The End

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