So, What's The Cat's Name?

The cat wore a silver name-plate, hanging from the lime-green collar that matched its ever-changing eyes. It popped back into existence and, lifting up a paw to clean itself, the cat momentarily hid the name-plate, casting its eyes, in an annoyed manner, over a new character who hurried to the flat after the sound of the gun (Brandie had, stupidly enough, forgot to put a silencer on the gun, despite knowing that her apartment block was basically full to the brim with people).

The new character gazed down at the cat and the body with some confusion, not knowing which to look at first. They spotted the name-tag, a large ‘S’ poking from the beginning of the name, and were going down to move the cat (helpfully in the way of Brandie’s body), when the cat hissed and bounded off Brandie, running through the flat to a mouse-hole in Brandie’s living room.

“How did she get through there?” the new character remarked to themselves.

So, what’s the cat’s name?

The End

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