What's the latest from Meat Heaven?

Meat Heaven is at war with Poisson Heaven. I know, shocking. Why can’t those two afterlives get along…? Well, perhaps because fish and pork don’t go well together, and because the pigs were generally trying to kill the fish in life too…but apart from that… Why don’t they just get along?

Maybe we can get some exclusive news if we act fast!

There have been big Heaven-explosions on the grounds of both Heavens, and I’ve heard that there have been some casualties on both sides. No eliminations yet though, although more cows are arriving, due to the fast-food demand of fresh beef!

In Meat Heaven, everybody is raring to go. The pigs are on their hind-legs! They’ve created a super-weapon, never known to man! And here is the official news: the dead pigs, and some renegade ex-cows, intend to slaughter (or remove, due to the death of everybody already) the entire population of Poisson Heaven!

But there’s more! A group of *gasp* ‘fish supporters’ have formed to stop the war. How will they do it? Well, exclusive news, but they’ve got a big gun! Wait! There’s more! They haven’t just got a big gun, they’ve got…

The End

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