Why does the bartender keep dying in all the branches?

Perhaps poor Jeff is just destined to die in so many various (and humorous) ways in this collaboration story of his life (sort of). Perhaps, in this great and mighty story of him, everybody is jealous that he, as the ‘main’ character, keeps coming back as…well, himself, again and again. Or perhaps even, secretly, this is the story of Jeff’s death! Maybe he shall never, ever ever, ever ever ever ever survive!

Wow, that’s a lot of ‘ever’s. Why did I have to pick such a hard word to type speedily over and over again in a sentence of annoying repetition? Over and over…

Meanwhile, as I was busy contemplating the difficulty of the word ‘ever’, and as Yersh was there contemplating his life, and whether he would die in such a twisted tale as this, Jeff was busy exploring the afterlife.

“What a strange place I am in…” Jeff muttered to himself, as he realized that Yersh had betrayed him and sent him to the place only known from the outside as… The Place Beyond Death!

“Hmm… A whole story could be written about this place…”

The End

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