Why was it in Brandie's apartment?

Little did anyone know, but actually Brandie owned a cat. Her black that she loved a lot. And this cat was devastated when Brandie shot herself, despite the cat knowing that it was going to happen. Yes, this cat was psychic. Her beautiful, pool-deep, eyes told a story of love, loss and betrayal; and behind it all, the cat sat, watching as the events drastically unfolded themselves.

Brandie told nobody about the cat, because of its special abilities, even though she desperately wanted to tell Monty. The girl was so worried that the cat would get stolen, but what she didn’t know was that the cat could have saved her life. Yes, the cat could have diverted the path of life, telling Brandie to take a different track a long her Story Game. But it didn’t. So, overall, that made the cat rather vicious.

And so, that was why there was a cat in Brandie’s flat, sitting on the deceased girl. The cat shook its head, saying to itself in cat language, “I could have done better.”

The End

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