The crash jumped me; I spun round to see the sturdy castle wall tumble to the floor leaving a cloud of dust in its place. Some wary guards pointed at us and the braver ones began to run after us,

“Run!” ZZ shouted and we all kicked into gear and sprinted away from the guards, I fumbled in my backpack and pulled a cord, a pile of ash fell out layering the floor, we continued to sprint. I slowed and looked behind me, the ash had – like I expected – turned into a thick wall of smoke, deadly to any who inhaled it. We checked our surroundings and slowed to a halt in the forest, nobody from our team knew about this world but we did know one thing, it was twisted.

“What now?” Justin asked sitting on a tree stump, ZZ looked around and smiled at Aryana,

“We think,” she replied, “we need to figure out what the heck is happening,”

“What did they mean? About the elements?” I spoke up, everyone looked at me in dismay, I wasn’t usually one to speak up in group discussions, I usually just sat there.

You are the ones who need to know, you are the ones to save the balance of peace and chaos. You must decide when to tip the scale of else cause the world to crash into the blinding light and empty seas, you must watch and wait but act at the same time. You must trust the mask but not the face, the hand that hides but not the hand that gives. Watch the blood spill but not drink from the lake. You must save this world from the destruction of peace and the hauntings of it last past." Chiara read,

“Still makes little sense to me,” ZZ sighed,

“I think it’s saying,” I paused as every head turned to me again in shock, I rolled my eyes at them, “We’ve been brought here for a reason, a reason we do not yet know but must find out.” I paused for effect, “We’ve got to stay wary of everything, nothing is safe, like that bird, could be a spy…” I said pointing at the strange creature, ZZ looked at it and frowned,

“I don’t trust it much either,”

“Nope,” Justin agreed,

“I’m not asking you to trust me, I’m asking you to spare my life,” it said,

“Why would we do that?” Aryana asked,

“Because I’m one of the last animals who knows the hidden happenings of this nation!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll just trap it in this cage,” Justin said pulling at something from the undergrowth; it was a weave of twigs which was covered in leaves and moss. He shook it and some of the things inside fell out,

“What is that?” Chiara asked,

“Some sort of basket I think,” he replied, “Here,” he undid the bottom and put the bird in, he then sat it on the tree stump and smiled. “Done.” He said proudly walking towards Aurora, I noticed he smiled at her kindly, I was lucky, I noticed everything.

“Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Darkness and Wind.” ZZ stated, “I’m stumped,” she sighed,

“Me too.” Chiara agreed, “Do we have any signal?”

“Still no, we’re on a different earth, we’re not going to get signal,” Justin said tossing his communication device in the air and catching it again,

“Hungry anyone?” Aurora asked,

“I could eat,” Cutler said,

“I know this area quite well, I think I could sort you out with food,” she smiled, obviously pleased to help.

“Awesome,” Justin grinned. She, Cutler and Justin disappeared, I began to collect twigs and build a small fire,

“Jack?” Aryana said, I looked up, “Want to take a walk?” she asked, I stood up and brushed myself down,

“Sure,” I agreed,

“Don’t go too far,” ZZ called,

“Use the firebird to start the fire,” I told her, ZZ nodded and smiled as we disappeared between the trees,

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” she admitted tripping on a root, “the weapon you gave me…” she began. I had forgotten about that, before we’d been transported to this crazy place I invented weapons and had given them to the team to aid their abilities.

“Is it faulty? It’s just the prototype mind you,” I asked,

“No, not all at. It just isn’t in my bag anymore, I think someone took it.” She stopped and turned to look at me, “In the wrong hands…”

“…It’s lethal,” I finished the end of the sentence. The weapon I had given Aryana was called the AI97; it had three features, a single shot grenade launcher, sniper rifle and a nuclear shield pack, which would protect you from any explosion.  “You did empower the finger identity unit?” I checked, she pulled a face,

“No.” I sighed exasperated and then realized I was being rude so I smiled,

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, I think I can disarm it from my control unit back at the base, let’s try.” We went back to the camp; by the time we arrive something was roasting over the fire. I went to my backpack and pulled out my small control unit, I flicked a few switches,

“The only thing is, you need to remember the identity code,” I said,

“AI97 – ZJX,” she said,

“Brilliant,” I grinned and disarmed the weapon; it had definitely been stolen because I couldn’t have disarmed it if it were back on earth. We all sat around the fire and began to eat lunch,

“What is this?” ZZ asked taking another bite,

“A Griadium frieda,” Aurora answered, “We just call them Frieda’s,” she smiled, “They hop around and climb up trees,”

“Never seen one like it in my life, it’s like half rabbit, half squirrel.” Justin said.

“This land is weird,” Cutler said, a few nodded in agreement. Once we’d eaten and the fire was now glowing embers ZZ sat up,

“We need a plan.” She stated bluntly.

The End

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