I woke up with a jerk, I was in a small, stone room that smelled like must, dirty straw, and human excrement. I wrinkled my nose. Where is my equipment! I looked around hastily, Cutler was in a corner, still out cold. Aurora was on the floor next to me, she had curled up into a ball in her sleep. Then there was Jack, the weapons specialist, he was just waking up. I moved over to the door of the cell we were in, I surmised we had been captured and imprisoned. As a guard passed by I darted my hand out and grabbed him, slamming him across the door. 

"Listen bubba," I growled, "you had better unlock this door right now, or else my grip around your neck is going to tighten." 

I could feel the guard shake as he reached for his ring of keys and fumbled for the right one to unlock our cell. The key slid into the lock and unlocked the door with a click. I reached my other hand around the door and grabbed the guard with that hand, pulling him around and into the room. 

"Jack," I ordered, "wake the others up, we're busting this joint!" 

Jack nodded, and once the others were I up I commanded the terrified guard to take us to where our equipment was stored. "Any tricks mind you," I whispered threateningly, "and you'll be dead." 

He took us to the end of the hallway and up some steps. Then into another room where all our weapons and equipment was. "Jack, take your stuff then hold the guard while I get mine." Jack nodded and did as he was told. When everyone had their equipment I shouldered the women's things and took the guard back from Jack. "Show us where the rest of my group is pig," I snarled at him.  

The guard hurried us up another set of steps and just as we were about to move farther ZZ burst through the door. She was in a dress! Of all things! A dress!

I raised my eyebrows at her and she gave me a dirty look, "Don't even think about saying it," she commanded.

I just smirked, "Whatever you say boss," I replied as I threw her her equipment and clothes.

She narrowed her eyes, "I know you're thinking of saying it." 

"No worries, I won't," I said with a smile and gave everyone else their equipment.


"Do you mind? I'm not running around in this stupid thing. Go on, out!" ZZ said, waving her hand at us. 

I dragged the guard out with me and waited till the rest of the men had come out as well. Just before I closed the door, Aurora scurried out as well. I gave her a warm smile and she moved near me. 

"Ok now that's better! Here Justin hold this," ZZ said a couple minutes later as she and the rest of the squad came out of the room they had moved into to change.

She passed me a bird-like thing and I gave her a look, "It's alive!" 

She rolled her eyes, "No Justin, I'm just carrying around a statue!"

I shrugged, "Sorry, just surprised me." Then I took the bird from her and looked at it. It had red and yellow plumage and was about the size of a hawk.  It perched on my arm, "Ah, you must be the leader then!" it commented, I nearly fell over backwards, it was talking! 

"OH I give up!" ZZ said exasperatedly and stomped off toward the exit. 

I knocked out the guard I was holding and then replied to the bird, "I'm not the leader here, she is," I replied, still getting used to talking to the bird. 

ZZ ran into a guard and kicked him violently between the legs then slammed the butt of her gun down hard across his head. I winced, feeling very sorry for the poor guard. Something had obviously irritated her. 

"She is a woman! How can a woman be the leader?" It asked, looking perplexed. Ah, that would be it. 

"We are not from this world," I explained, "where I am from women are just as strong and smart as any man and regarded as such." 

ZZ came up and gave the bird another dirty look,  "Let it think what ever...we don't have time to explain right now," she snapped. 

Cutler walked up to me, "I think the boss is mad at you," he said with a smirk. 

"I heard that!" ZZ called behind her back; Cutler ducked his head and moved on. 

We didn't meet very much resistance on our way out and so we made a quick break for freedom. Once we were outside the castle, I decided to leave a gift for the 'Lord' Gustin. "Hey boss! Wait up a sec, I want to leave Gustin a gift to remember us by!" I called up to ZZ.

"Yeah yeah what ever... I mean I'm just a 'woman' right?" ZZ said in an annoyed tone. 

"Aww come on, don't let the bird get to ya! He doesn't know any better!" I called as I moved to the wall and took out one of the biggest explosive packs I had and attached it to the outer wall.

"I HAVEN'T let the bird get to me!" She practically screamed.

"Uh-huh, and I'm Mickey Mouse..." I muttered to myself as I typed in the detonation code and ran. 

"I heard that! ugh just keep that bird away from me! I wish I'd soaked it now..." ZZ complained. 

BOOM! Half of the wall and a large part of the castle came tumbling down, I pressed a button and the explosive pack came back to me and I carefully put it away as we ran.

The End

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