I felt irritated as we left the hall, Justin raised an eyebrow at me, I just moved futher forward. Justin moved next to me and gave me another look, That man! He's always so calm!

Sighing I looked down at the girl who was standing close to Justin like he was a shield for her. I felt myself soften and said,

"Hey, we never asked for your name?" She glanced up at me and gave me a smile, she was younger then us but looked about the age of some of the newest recruits from our world.

"Aurora... What about you?" She blushed as she said her name.

I grinned and said, "ZZ," I tilted my head towards Justin, "that old chap there is Justin." She turned away to smile up at Justin. Justin looked at me and I stuck out my tongue teasingly.

"So, tell me, where are we going?" I paused for a second, we had made it to the court yard... something didn't feel right.

There was no one around, I felt my eyes feel heavy, I yawned and said,

"Hey, guys. Isn't it too quiet?" I looked at the rest of my team. Cutler had slumped down on the floor and had his head hanging slightly. I felt myself begin to panic, I looked at Chiara just as she collapsed down,

"ZZ!" Justin yelled, I turned around quickly, Aurora had collapsed in his arms.

"Ugh... Justin! We've got to do... Something..." I felt myself stumble, Aryana caught my arm. I sent a grateful look to her but had to catch her as she also fell down,

"Aryana!" I looked at Cutler.

"Private, get up!" He didn't respond, "Sergeant Major!" I looked around wildly and saw them down a few steps away from me.

I felt my eyes droop further, I couldn't keep them open. I heard someone laugh and looked up to see Gustin smiling down at us. Something landed on the wall next to him, it was some sort of bird except it's whole body was on fire! I saw chains on it's legs and neck, it looked down at us sadly.

I looked once more at Justin, he opened his mouth to say something but I couldn't stay awake any longer and fell down. Blackness swarming around me.


I moaned gently, my head was killing me and my throat was like sand paper. I pried open my eyes, I tried to move my hands but something was stopping me. I was awake fully now,

"What the..." I looked down at my hands, there were chains on them, but worse then that, I was in a dress! I narrowed my eyes, the dress was one of those medieval types that you see princesses wearing, it was a dark green with golden leaves sown into the skirt part of it.

Ok! I am so going to kill whoever put me in this dress. I thought to myself, I was more annoyed at the dress then the fact that we had been caught. I mean... A Dress!!

"I see you're awake..." A voice said sadly to me, I looked up to see the fire bird watching me from the cage that it sat in. I looked around for the person who had spoken and then back at the bird,

"Oh please tell me that you're the one who said that and that I'm not going mad." The bird looked at me sadly,

"Aye, I'm the one who spoke." I heard someone moan next to me, I glanced down to see Aryana sitting up slowly. She took note of the dress she was wearing, a deep purple with silver patterns, and raised an eyebrow at what I was wearing.

"Don't even say anything if you value your life." I growled, she smiled at me and held back a laugh. I saw Chiara collapsed next to her, she was wearing a orange dress.

"OK bird, since you can talk will you explain to me why I'm in a dress!?" I said darkly at it,

"Wouldn't ye like to know what's going on?" The bird said puzzled, Aryana spoke up next,

"Oh trust me this is more important to her then what happened..." She blinked and then looked at me,

"That Bird Just Talked!!" I nodded and saw Chiara stir and open her eyes, before I could even threaten her not to say anything about the dress I was forced to wear she said,

"Oh, wow Captain you look so nice." I narrowed my eyes. I heard the door open slowly and looked at it to see Gustin walk in.

"What's going on?" I demanded, Gustin smiled and walked over to us,

"Why you look beautiful milady." He placed a hand under my chin, I pulled my head away from him.

"Don't touch me you idiot." I yelled, he chuckled and moved over to the chair that was placed in front of us, he collapsed into the chair. It groaned slightly under his weight, I pulled my lip back in disgust, he stroked his beard and eyed us like we were some sort of product on display. His eyes lingered on me and he smiled nastily,

"You need to be tamed but I'm sure you'll be fine after I give you to my soldiers for a few days. I'll let them have some fun."

"We will not stand for this! What do you think you're doing? Where are the others?" Aryana and Chiara looked at me surprised at my outburst and ability to be able to talk so confidently.

"Hmm,  wives should not speak like that to their husband."

"Husband!?" We spluttered together. I glanced at the other two and nodded, they nodded back and we got up slowly,

"Well, Husband! We've got news for you..." I walked gracefully over to Gustin and ran a hand along his shoulder, the other two followed suit,

"There is no way in this world we'll marry you!" And with that I kicked him hard in the stomach, causing his chair to topple over. Dang this dress, I couldn't get as much power as I had wanted into that kick.

I saw Chiara knock him out and then felt a blistering heat on my back,

"How dare you women do that to my master!" The bird screeched, I rolled my eyes and picked a pitcher of water up off the floor,

"Oh be quiet!" I threw the water at the bird and watched as the bird collapsed in a smoking heap of the floor. I walked over and knelt down,

"Go ahead... Kill me..." The bird said closing it's eyes, I reached out a hand and pulled at the chains, they snapped off due to the fact that they had been cooled down so suddenly. The bird looked up at me surprised,

"What are you doing?!" I just grabbed it's body and held it at arms length,

"Don't even think about burning me otherwise you're going in the lake next time, got it?"

"You wouldn't dare." The bird said narrowing it's eyes at me,

"Care to try me?" I said brightly. Chiara chuckled behind me,

"I wouldn't if I were you little guy."

The End

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