World's Apart

I heard Cutler shouting and I glanced at Justin, we both raced back through the trees and came into the clearing with our guns raised. The others turned around and looked at us weirdly, I felt my face grow red.

"Ok, what's going on? We heard shouting." Cutler tried to make himself disappear and I gave him a look, he pointed at Chiara who was holding a... monkey? I walked up to Cutler and gently knocked him round the head smiling, he grinned at me rubbing his head and I turned round to Chiara who was still holding the weird monkey thing.

"Ok what is that exactly?" I said walking up to the weird monkey thing, it jumped out of Chiara's hands and landed on my head, I frowned and tried to look upwards at the monkey, it brought its face down and we looked at each other. The rest of my team burst out laughing, I lifted the monkey off my head,

"Ow ow ow. Will you let go of my hair please!" I yelped, the monkey gave me a smile and let go of my hair. It held out it's hand and I looked at the weird glob thing in it's hand, I took it from the monkey. I felt like clay and I squished it slightly,

"Hey Justin! Is this like you explosive clay?" I yelled over my shoulder not taking my eyes off it. Justin looked over my shoulder and took the clay from me. I turned around and handed the monkey to Cutler,

"Here! Hold this for me will you?" Cutler held the monkey at arms length and the monkey regarded him with a sly smile. Cutler opened his mouth but I tapped him round the head lightly and he shut up.

"It's not like any explosive I've seen. It's too sticky to start with and the material of it is like none I've ever seen." I took it back and said,

"Ok, so it's not an explosive so what is it?" The monkey looked at me and I frowned. I looked back at the clay, it was glowing softly and I dropped it.

"Guys take ten paces back, we don't know what this thing can do." We all retreated to the suitable distance and watched as the blob began to 'morph', it began to expand and take shape. I watched as an almost humanoid shape now stood in its place, there was no way that the little blob of clay could create something of this mass. I lifted my gun and regarded the black, pitiless eyes that stared back at me.

"Do not worry Peace Keeper's and Time traveler's, I do not wish you harm." I lowered my arm as the monkey jumped down from Cutler's clutches and wandered over to the humanoid figure. It vaguely resembled a female and had hair that fell to it's waist, it's eyes were black and on it's arms their were blades that curled round the tips of her fingers. Here dress was a swirling mass of grey and green and seemed to flow.

"Who... Or rather what are you?" I asked,

"I am leader of the Sent, beings who can be controlled by the in habitants of this land and who are creatures of the elements, who can be manifested out of the six elements; Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Darkness and Light. But you may call me Ellalen"

"The leader of the what? The Sent?" Ellalen nodded and said,

"The people who live here are given the ability to make a bond with a creature from one of the elements, the Sent then-when called upon- appear in a form that is made from their element. The Sent then help these people to work, fight and keep peace."

"So they are weapons?" Justin said, Ellalen turned her un blinking black eyes on Justin,

"No and yes. We have feelings, we can be killed... If we are killed we appear in this land as the Damned and kill until we are stopped, creating chaos where ever the walk."

I shook my head and looked back at Ellalen,

"Why are you telling us this? Why are we here? How did we get here?"

"You are the ones who need to know, you are the ones to save the balance of peace and chaos. You must decide when to tip the scale of else cause the world to crash into the blinding light and empty seas, you must watch and wait but act at the same time. You must trust the mask but not the face, the hand that hides but not the hand that gives. Watch the blood spill but not drink from the lake. You must save this world from the destruction of peace and the hauntings of it last past."

Ellalen began to loose shape, almost seeming to become see through,

"Hey wait hold up! That made no sense!" Ellalen smiled and held out a hand for the monkey, it jumped up and disappeared too.

"Please tell me you wrote that down at least" I moaned, closing my eyes in despair.

"All done commander, I recorded the whole thing!" I turned around to see Chiara holding up a small, black note pad. Smiling, I said,

"Good! Right team time to move out! Let's find a good place to stay for the night and I'll take first watch." I said motioning for the team to pack up and move on. We were given an answer that left even more questions than we began with and I had the overpowering sense that we weren't in Kansas anymore and this time we didn't have magic red slippers to take us home.

The End

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