The Creature.


"How can we be on another planet though, that's really not possible!" I heard one of the other team stutter out. I turned to them.


"Aren't you supposed to be checking the area for bombs and stuff. Do you want us to die?" I snapped back at them, instantly regretting it. Why couldn't I just control my mouth? "Look I'm sorry-" I began, but was cut off when a monkey like creature sprang onto the head of Cutler.

"Get it off!" He yelled, "Get it off, get it off!" he thrashed around trying to hit the strange animal.


"Hey!" I said, running over to him and delicately taking the monkey, which was entwined around his head. I held the creature tightly under his arms, and stared into his eyes, analysing him. "This," I concluded, "Is not a monkey."


"Oh you don't say!" Cutler retorted back, "of course its not a flipping monkey, it's a flipping murderer that's what it is!" He scowled at the monkey-like creature I was holding in my arms. Cutler bent down and picked up the device he'd been holding before the creature had pounced on him. He turned around and began scanning the ground again.


"Oh hello Mr. Monkey," I cooed at him, "how about you find me some nice evidence and I'll give you a banana ‘kay?" I smiled my warmest smile at him, trying to convince him. He just went back to playing with my hair.


Sighing, I placed him on the ground and watched as he scampered off.


"I'm gonna go look around again," I said addressing Cutler, "you gonna be okay?"

He smiled at me; we both knew tempers frayed on jobs. "Yeah, off you go." He said.


I walked towards a bush but was knocked down by a force at the bottom of my legs. I heard a weird noise next to my ear and looked to see the monkey-creature holding something out towards me.


It was a yellow sphere and it shone in the morning sun. I took it off of him, patting him on the head for his good work. It felt like play dough in my hand, but smoother.


"Guys!" I yelled, "I think I've found something!"

The End

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