Z.Z Shaw

I blinked a couple of times and glanced round at the surrounding woodland,

"Great. Guess that means our mission is on a stand still." The rest of my team looked at me and I tried to look like I knew what I was doing- I failed.

"Someone get me a line open with the Marshal." I said looking at our communications specialist, they fumbled with a radio and I watched as their face turned a ghostly white.

"There is no signal Sir!" I frowned, there was always a signal... always. My semi-automatic shotgun hung loosely in my hand at my side. Something moved in the bush to the right of me, I didn't react instead I carried on looking round, my team were watching, waiting for my orders. I suddenly dropped and brought my shotgun up, pointing it at the bush,

"I know your there. Why don't you come out and say hi?" I head Lalimalie stand behind me and heard the others bring up their guns too. I knew Justin would be watching our back for a possible feint. We were no in an unknown area and we had no idea how many hostiles there were.

I saw someone slowly rise from the bush and I nearly snorted out loud, the man in front of me was wearing armor. I mean knight and shining armor, armor.

I heard one of my team mate laugh and I frowned. The knight stepped forward and I notices how his hand slowly crept to the sword at his side. I drew the shotgun further up, hearing it click slightly.

"Don't move! Now tell us were we are!" I ordered. The knight snorted and said,

"A woman can't order me around" I narrowed my eyes and got up, I felt Justin put a restraining hand on my shoulder.

"Commander! We don't want to start a fight on enemy land." I snorted and flipped my hair out of my eyes- I had somehow lost my hair tie... great!

"Listen here buddy! I'm the commander of this operation so I have every right to know the location of my team." The knight looked surprised and laughed,

"You! A woman!? Leading a group of knights?!" I turned around, exasperation evident on my face, looking up with my bluely green eyes at Justin.

"Oh please! Come on! How am I not meant to react to that?" Justin smiled slightly and I flashed a wolfish grin. I drew my shotgun up and fired a warning round at the tree behind the knight.

"Care to try me?" The knight gulped slightly, fear flashing through his eyes as he glanced at the tree behind him again, then back at the gun in my hand but he then puffed up his chest, banging a fist against the metal plating.

"You are standing in the realm of the great Lord Gusten, ruler of the black forest and-" He glared at me as he came to a sudden halt.

"You are trespassing, you are under the royal guard arrest." I heard the others tensing, getting ready to fight. I raised a hand, motioning for them to halt.

"Now my dear fellow. I think you have gotten the wrong idea." The knight frowned and I had to think on my feet, "For you see, we are... Peace Keepers!"

The knight looked at me with caution,

"Peace Keepers? What land do you descend from?" I frowned and Justin whispered,

"He means where do we come from?" I nodded and said,

"Um... we come from the land of... London!" I heard Justin splutter behind me and I sent him a look, he composed himself. I noted how the others hadn't lowered their weapons. I turned back to the knight.

"I have not heard of this land... How long did it take you." I smiled at the ironicalness of the statement,

"Oh trust me, not that long at all." I slowly put my hand down and I felt the others relax, but we were still wary.

The End

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