"Alright soldiers! Line up!" called the captain, "this is another usual job, there is some resistance to the world order here and we were sent to take care of it," she said as she walked up and down the line we had formed. "We were chosen because we are the best at what we do, and this shouldn't be any harder than the other jobs, the people we are about to fight are just a bunch of rebels who got their hands on some weapons; as of yet we don't know what all they have, or whether they are home-made or from the black market." 

We all nodded, this was the typical job; I blow up the door, we all move in, we make prisoners of anyone who surrenders, the rest we shoot. "We're ready to go Z.Z.!" I called.

"Alright, let's go then!" She said, and we ran to the barricade that we had set up in front of the fort. There was a hail of pinging sounds as the rebel's bullet's came down, but then they stopped...that means that they had limited ammunition...black market guns then, because only old guns have limited ammunition. I took out my kit and started to look through my equipment and taking out the things I would need for this assignment. I took out a shield pack, to get to the door without being shot and killed; an explosive pack for the door and a sticky pack to glue it there.  I pressed the red button on the shield pack, causing it to transform into clear, man-size, hollow, half-sphere. After climbing under it I moved around the barricade and toward the door. Bullets again rained down, and I crawled toward the door, this time the rain of bullets didn't stop, they were desperately trying to break the shield, it wasn't going to happen. 

When I got to the door, I propped the shield up against the door and shaped it so that it reached around, leaving no area for a stray bullet to get past. Then I took the sticky pack and connected it to the door, and hooked the explosive pack up to it. After typing in the detonation code I pulled a plasti-string out from the side so that I could pull the device back after it had done it's job. Then I quickly re-shaped the shield to it's sphere form and started back to the barricade. 

BOOM! The explosion rocked the whole fort and set the ground to quivering. I pulled the plasti-string and the explosive pack came back to me, with the sticky pack still connected. "Thats my babies," I muttered. These beat dynamite by a long shot. I had had bad experiences with dynamite I thought, looking at the spot an my right hand where my middle finger used to be. There was a reason I never let anyone else touch my explosives. But that's a story for another time, I turned back to what was now a gaping black hole, where there had once been a two-inch-thick steel portcullis. I threw in a flash-bang then we all charged in. As we passed by I picked up the flash-bang and re-attached it to my vest. 

The battle was over in just a few minutes, we had taken twelve prisoners, and the rest had refused to surrender and had barricaded themselves into a single room and continued to hold out. I sighed, I could just throw a grenade in there, but I would really rather not kill them. I took out my kit and started to search through it to see if there was anything I could use. Ah yes! I took a green, steel ball, pushed and held the red button and then lobbed it into the room holding the rest of the rebels. There was a loud bang and then a greenish smoke started to creep out of the holes in the barricade. I waited for it to dissipate then gave the "all clear" sign to my teammates. We edged slowly into the room, every single one of the rebels was on the floor or slumped over a chair, knocked out for at least a day. I walked up to the smoke bomb and picked that one up to, putting it back into it's place in my kit. 

"Alright, that's it people!" Commander Z.Z Shaw told us, "Let's head home!" 

We really were lucky to have such a good commander most squads had a heartless commander who used his/her men like they were completely expendable...not Z.Z. she cared about each and every one of us, and we were all a family. 

"Nice work!" I told Aryana as I passed her, she was packing up her sniper and carefully putting it away. She smiled at me and straightened up. 

Just as we were leaving the building though, there was a flash, and we suddenly we were in a huge forest. We all looked around in surprise, "Where are we?"  I asked in surprise, "and what the heck just happened?" 

The End

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