ever wondered what would be like to put modern weaponry into the middle ages? Well this is your chance to find out!


  1. No swearing
  2. No killing off other main characters
  3. no plot spoiling
  4. Have Fun
  5. no making your self way more powerful than other writers

This is a story about a squad of soldiers/peacekeepers from the future when the world was all united under one government. They were brought into an alternate universe, which is exactly like the real world but it is still in the middle ages, by some strange, intelligent being. Somehow they always have ammunition for their guns/everything else.  They need to accomplish something in order to get back to their world however they don't know what until later (I'm not sure yet what they need to accomplish so any suggestions are welcome) This is about their life...This story should be more about the choices they have to make rather than the actual battles they fight. There are six spots and they are all in the writer's description.

To join (if there is a space left) just comment on this chapter with:

the class you want

the name of the person


physical description



The End

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