Senor Randolf's Catalog of Late Night AdvertisementsMature

Senor Randolf Jahooble brings another great compendium of classic advertisements right to your TV, featuring all those weird commercials you love to see on really late night television.


"Do you like trains? Do you like ice cream?If you answered yes to either of these things, then TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS is for you! Filmed in 1972, this 4 disk set tells you everything you need to know about Cuban foreign policy towards Malaysia. With over 12 graphics, on- site expert analysis, and more than 30 minutes of exclusive ICE CREAM!!!!, Your pet lab will want to watch this collection over and over again. Hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and featuring such stars as Vermin Supreme, the Mcdonalds guy, and Barbra Streisand, this compendium is sure to please. Little Jimmy, what do you think?"

[Cut to hobo midget we lured into the studio with the promise of illegal narcotics because no kids would do the part]

"I... think... OK, you know what? I don't have to take this! What have I become, that I would be sitting here, doing THIS for drugs? I'm gonna walk out of here, right now, and I'm going to change myself! NO more crack! NO more joblessness! Sure I've got problems, but this is... too low. I'm going to go get a job!"

[He walks off camera, then walks back on]

"Also, the set SUCKS! It's literally just a cardboard box holding some scratched CD's. All the footage is of a squirrel chewing on a nut!"

[Hobo midget flips the bird at camera, walks off screen. Cut to offer display]

"Well, there you have it. For only 19.95, YOU can have all the fun and learning of TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS shipped directly to somewhere inside the municipality our child workers address the package to. Order now and get TWO of the same great product for one low, low price! Call 697-666-1069 to order. The line is open! Catering available."

[Fast talking guy with a deep voice cuts in]




The End

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